Dragon Age:Origins Vs Skyrim

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User Info: Omeganova

5 years ago#1
Which game did you enjoy more? Both great games in their own right, but I definitely prefer Dragon Age's more direction and story focused quests. You have a purpose, and facing an ever looming crisis that feels urgent. In skyrim, it just didnt feel like a crisis - at all. never felt compelled to continue the main story beyond the fact that it is....well the main story.
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User Info: Gradlein

5 years ago#2
Story: Dragon Age.
Gameplay: Skyrim.

User Info: zach12_2

5 years ago#3
Final Fantasy XIII
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User Info: Flash2Beasley

5 years ago#4
It's not really fair to compare them in terms of something as simple as story. You might as well just say you prefer story-driven games.

I'll say this, I played Dragon Age for a good 80 hours and felt satisfied. I'll probably play Skyrim on and off for the next 5 years.

User Info: ZaruenKosai

5 years ago#5
alls fair in love and war.


it can only get better..

whereas dragon age has proven it can only get worse.
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User Info: dalailama20

5 years ago#6
I'll say this though: Dragon fights in DA:O were a lot more epic. Not to mention much, much more challenging.
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User Info: Warhawk7137

5 years ago#7

I have a hard time differentiating between one game I really enjoy playing and another game I really enjoy playing. I mean, I suppose I could give you technical reasons why DA:O and Skyrim are better games than DA2 or Fable 3, but I've had a blast playing all of them and frankly I really don't care.

User Info: funkyfritter

5 years ago#8
Dragon age had better story, better mechanics and some of the best combat I've seen in a rpg recently. A big world is the only thing skyrim has to offer, although honestly even there I had a lot more awesome moments in dragon age because what was there was higher quality on average.

User Info: Celebratox

5 years ago#9
Damn I feel that Flash2. I only get 8-9 hours of Skyrim in per week and I'm probably going to be playing it solid until the end of January (and by playing it solid I mean it is literally the only game I'm playing currently). After that I'll still play it on and off until the next Elder Scrolls hits.

They really are the ultimate time sink single player RPGs. You have to graduate to MMOs or other online RPGs to find something with more lasting appeal. My friend's WoW account has a total time played of literally almost a year.......no single player game will ever touch that, not until real human-like AI is developed that is.
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User Info: GoranH

5 years ago#10
I loved (and still do) Dragon Age, but Elder Scrolls games are just the best without a grain of doubt in my mind. And Skyrim isn't any exception, in fact it's the best game ever for me. That doesn't mean it's perfect, cause it's really not, there are bugs, low res textures, some holes in gameplay etc... but doesn't stop Skyrim to stomp any RPG into ground...

Saying that.. I'd say Dragon Age story wise probably beats any particular storyline in Skyrim (Dark Brotherhood was and will be always awesome so there's that). But here's a thing... Dragon Age is just "one" storyline... where Skyrim has dozens and dozens of main one and hundreds of side ones and this time (unlike in Oblivion) most of them are actually very well executed.. So that makes Skyrim > DA: O.

I could probably go on talking one's ears off about ES games and Skyrim in particular... but Skyrim is a better game overall, and it's a fact. Bioware is my favorite game dev, but Bethesda did an amazing job on this one... For the last time... DA:O beats Oblivion (but not Morriwind), but doesn't even come close to Skyrim IMO.
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