Necro-Barbarian Build

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User Info: wolfenscrew

5 years ago#1
So I noticed that the Bound Battleaxe is pretty potent. I wondered what would happen if I made a character that specialized in the use of this. Let's find out.

Heavy Armor
Two Handed

Now, the idea behind this guy is, at lower levels, make use of the synergy between Bound BattleAxe and Two-Handed, as well as the Orc's Berserker Rage. Granted you'll need to spend a few levels on Magicka and a couple of perks in Conjuration at first, but with the right level progression, it's very feasible.

Later levels will have more Conjuration, so he can end up being more of a leader of a large pack, and a versatile fighter at that. Having Enchantment and Smithing will help him get a weapon better than the Bound BattleAxe, as well as having good synergy with his Heavy Armor skill.

For extra punch in a pinch, we'll also give him Lycanthropy. Does anyone here know whether or not the transformation stacks with Berzerker Rage?
The Razorback. Because the short bus hasn't taken you far enough.

User Info: wolfenscrew

5 years ago#2
The Razorback. Because the short bus hasn't taken you far enough.

User Info: Omni_Snake

5 years ago#3
werewolf is terrible for late game sadly.
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User Info: guitarfreak100

5 years ago#4
Werewolf's beast form isnt really a clutch, life-saving button. The transformation takes a few seconds and leaves you vulnerable. Also, it really drops off mid-late game. But there isn't really much of a penalty to having it(besides rested bonus) and the 100% resist disease is nice...

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