What Tamriel locations are in which games?

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  3. What Tamriel locations are in which games?

User Info: VividAxis

5 years ago#1
Help me. I didn't play ES games before Morrowind. I'm looking at this map and wondering.

Oblivion happened in Cyrodiil and there was a DLC for Summerset Isle. I didn't play Redguard but I think it was in High Rock or maybe Hammerfell. Have they made games in Valenwood, Elsweyr or Black Marsh? If they've made games for each area already, where are they going to go with the next game?

User Info: SN_Ninja

5 years ago#2
The DLC for Oblivion took place in the Shivering Isles, not Summerset Isle.

User Info: creamofjustice

5 years ago#3
I'm not completely certain, but I'm pretty sure High Rock, Hammerfell, Morrowind, Cyrodiil, and Skyrim have been used.

So no, none of the 3 you asked have been used. (Technically they have, but Arena doesn't count)
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User Info: Brenz0r

5 years ago#4
Arena: All of it.
Daggerfall: High Rock and Hammerfell.
Morrowind: Vvardenfell.
Redguard: Hammerfell.
Battlespire: Oblivion.
Stormhold: Black Marsh.
Shadowkey: Hammerfell.
Oblivion: Cyrodiil.
Skyrim: Skyrim.
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User Info: novicegamerK

5 years ago#5
Arena - all of Tamriel

Daggerfall - High Rock and Hammerfell (Orsinium is there too but it's a really small kingdom)

Morrowind - Vvardenfell district, City of Mournhold, and Solstheim

Oblivion - Cyrodil

Skyrim - Skyrim

Redguard - Island of Stros M'kai off the coast of Hammerfell

User Info: Wlffrsether

5 years ago#6
TES 1: Arena - All of Tamriel
TES 2: Daggerfall - Parts of High Rock and Hammerfell
TES 3: Morrowind - Vvardenfell, a part of Morrowind
TES 4: Oblivion - Cyrodiil
TES 5: Skyrim - Skyrim

You also have the TES Travels series of games made for mobile devices:

TES Travels: Stormhold - The city of Stormhold, Black Marsh
TES Travels: Dawnstar - The city of Dawnstar, Skyrim
TES Travels: Shadowkey - Most of Hammerfell and parts of Skyrim and High Rock.

TES 1: Arena aside, we still have to visit Summerset Isle, Valenwood and Elsweyr.
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User Info: VividAxis

5 years ago#7

Judging by the size of it I would guess Valenwood and Elsweyr will be in one game, maybe throwing in Summerset Isle. The three of those together seem only slightly bigger than Skyrim. And since we haven't had a game that covers all of Black Marsh maybe they'll have that later. And then there's the rest of Morrowind we could visit.

That gives us between 3 and 5 more ES titles. Have they ever announced or hinted at how many main ES games they plan to make? I was thinking this series may be near an end but it seems they can take it a lot further without even adding new land areas to the map. Gentlemen, one day we're going to be in retirement homes playing Elder Scrolls on some type of virtual devices.

User Info: disappearing11

5 years ago#8
There's also the possibility of making TES games located completely or least partially outside of Tamriel, as there are other continents. Some are legendary or have vanished for one reason or another, but that's all based on the perspectives of the people of Tamriel, and what knowledge they have of these places is very limited. On the plus side this opens up all kinds of possibilites if the setting of a future game included one or more of them. Akavir in particular sounds very intriguing to me.

User Info: Henk_m

5 years ago#9
The jungle areas of Elsweyr would be interesting
place to visit especially with todays engines,would look awsome.

Mainley we have seen the areas mostly populated by humans.

Would love too see the homeland of the khajiit.

Plus the diffrent offshots of khajiit race.
I always prefered the daggerfall khajiit who have more human/elf like look over morrowind/oblivion/Skyrim's housecat look.
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