Anyone confirm that high-res texture pack drops FPS?

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  3. Anyone confirm that high-res texture pack drops FPS?

User Info: redemptioner

5 years ago#1
not sure if I should DL this if it causes massive FPS drop

User Info: Rawe

5 years ago#2
Not on mine, my build is in my sig. Ive heard it does on some though.
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User Info: thrashmetal59

5 years ago#3
Intel Pentium E220 2.2ghz dual core, 4gb RAM and 1gb ATI Radeon 4670. Run game on high with minimal issues and it stayed the same after the texture pack.

So try it out. If you don't like the results then disable it like any other mod.
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User Info: lionheart5656

5 years ago#4
Is this real life?

If your comp can't handle higher textures, of course you will get a FPS drop.

I have no idea why this would surprise anyone.
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User Info: Eeshaan1685

5 years ago#5
Not for me. I'm running the game completely maxed out, even the FXAA box checked + the Immersive environments FXAA injector + Realistic Lighting mod. At 1920 x 1200. That's cuz I made my rig specifically to run games like this.

The only stuttering I get is for a moment or two when I load the game, or I load an outdoor area. Other than that I get a frame hiccup or two occasionally while playing, but at 60 fps with vsync & controller, it runs as smooth as a console game with ultra uber graphics :D

TBH I love the official texture pack. It's reduced my load times from the 2k texture pack, and although the 2k one seems sharper at times, it's a bit over the top, while the official one has alot of subtle changes that really make the game look alot better. I prefer the official one.

Was using the 2k one till the original ones came out today lol.

User Info: xNoctis171

5 years ago#6
Unless you have a PC that previously played Skyrim way over 60fps, then you will always take a fps hit when using a texture pack. It's common sense, really.
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User Info: Felis_Menari

5 years ago#7
My rig can run Skyrim fairly well at moderate settings (some trouble spots drop my FPS significantly, like the entrance to the mine of Fellhammer Keep), so I knew the HD textures would hurt my frame rate. It doesn't drop my FPS drastically, but it is noticeable. So, it's not a big hit to FPS. However, one thing that I cannot abide is the texture pack altering colors.

Before activating the pack via the NMM, the elven gauntlets I 'm wearing on one of my characters matched the rest of the armor set. With the texture pack active, the gloves become a darker shade of the golden yellow that they are supposed to be. Since the texture pack alters more than just texture resolution, it's a no-go for me.
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User Info: Joshs Name

Joshs Name
5 years ago#8
560 Ti here

Didn't notice an overall massive drop in FPS but some areas had some noticeable slowdown where none previously existed. For me the differences were negligible and were not worth those slowdowns so I uninstalled.
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User Info: HyperRyun

5 years ago#9
texture packs won't do much to FPS with interior cells, however when cells are being loaded outdoors it could easily hamper FPS if you're moving quickly

however, all higher-resolution texture packs WILL impact loading times (which is what will punch your outdoor FPS), ESPECIALLY the ''HD Skyrim'' mod on the nexus right now. He brags in the description about how large the photoshop files are, but in all reality he's bragging about how unoptimized and poorly-made his textures are.

As far as the official high-res textures go, there doesn't seem to be that much difference, honestly.
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