Pick one mod out of Skyrim Game Days

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User Info: Darklordryanw

5 years ago#21
All these are great but the kinect shout would pointless to those who play skyrim on a pc. the adoption would be good cause you feel like u have family fully but what would the child do exactly is the question spears are a new weapon and look good but are they in diffrent styles and be build better than just it in normal can u do it in ebony or steel or imperial or that.

The werebear infact would be a great transformation in animation and the moving would be good but how would we get the diease and it has still a certian time till it runs out. The lycan perk tree would be a great way to make ur werewolf stronger but what happens if we like it the way it is maybe you want to change ur werewolfs colour and not play as a werewolf again and its the same even as a different race. The dragon will be amazing but the dragon can't fit into small spaces if u wanted to do a quest it would be the dragon that would probely level up and not u plus if u went away from the dragon would it stay come with u when u fast travel or will it attack you when you get off it and how do we get on the dragon to we give it it's life back and then its in our debt if so its a great way to keep it in same place were u left it and not let it fly away and the kill was for noting.

The vampire lord would also be a great mod but how would we get the abillty or will you gain it from vampire quests the imp minons would be a great way to attack people and you can't feel bolthered but does the imp minons come as a spell or power?

I would go with the vampire lord cause you be strong or stronger than a werewolf plus the vampire lord allows you to fly and gain a extra abilty the minons plus you can fit throw small spaces, houses, quests and be able to be used on a pc and other consoles.

User Info: Elec Man EXE

Elec Man EXE
5 years ago#22
Extremely hard to pick just one.

But I think in the end I'd go for the verlet surfaces / flails. that seems like it would be one of the hardest things for modders to add, I remember in Oblivion there were a couple people working on whip / flail type weapons and I believe they all gave up due to it being such a difficult task within the engine (though I stopped playing Oblivion and following mods a while back so its possible more progress was made since I stopped)
Master of Electricity

User Info: Darklordryanw

5 years ago#23
ed 2/12/2012 5:50:01 PM
message detail

- Seasonal foliage and shedding leaves on trees.
- Flow-based water shaders.
- Fully animated spears.
- Magic and ranged combat slow-motion kill-cams.
- Water arrows and a Detect Life-esque "Assassin's Vision"
- Guards that re-light torches.
- Paralysis runes.
- Moving platforms and hanging structures in dungeons.
- Fast-flowing underground currents.
- Pitch-black dungeons.
- New follower customisation, commands and favoriting.
- Adoption.
- Building of your own home (with skeletal butler).
- Combining spells for new effects.
- Goblins.
- New Draugr
- Waygate fast travel.
- Skeletal horse mounts.
- Mounted combat.
- Dragon mounts.
- Soulbug familiar.
- Kinect-based Shouts.
- Better underwater visuals.
- Footprints in snow.
- Verlet surfaces for non-rigid objects (which means morningstars and flabby giants).
- Fire and ice arrows.
- Werebears.
- Lycanthropy perk tree.
- Vampire feeding.
- Becoming a flying vampire lord with vampire imp minions.
- Mudcrab animation tweaks.
- A 100 foot-tall mudcrab.

These are all good but there all one thing and the mudcrab there could only be 2 or 3 giant ones in the game and hard to locate them. I can admit all these are great building homes feeding with out sneaking into homes, teleporting, fire and ice arrows. I would love the horse though but thinking about it you could get a horse carrage and its quicker and the horses are not aloud in citys everything is amazing if it was me i would do these 5.

1. Vampire lord and imp minons (Read the reason on the other one).
2. Building houses ( you can customize and it helps you think about what YOU want in it also theres a butler :D ).
3.Customize followers and actions ( is it not obvious).
4. Vampire feeding (Read also on other one).
5.Seasonal foliage and shedding leaves on trees ( The world would look much better it raining or it snowing or it just a crapish dull day maybe a sunny day who knows and the leaves come off u feel like ur actully outside and years are passing by).

Post on mine what you would vote for and but them in 5 (your favs u'd vote for)

User Info: Darklordryanw

5 years ago#24
Also the assasian helper is just the spell detect life what is already in the game.

User Info: PrinnyWin

5 years ago#25
- Moving platforms and hanging structures in dungeons for sure.

Why? Because this means more interesting dungeons and designs. Many of the stuff (like kill cams) on the list are fun BUT aren't going to change gameplay that much, if at all.

Changes in dungeons however, are something that could potentially be huge. Less linear dungeons with more unique designs and exploration etc.

I have to concede though, that even if implemented, these changes would only be in new dungeons in future DLC and that the bulk of stuff in Skyrim would hardly be affected.

As some has said, many of these stuff should definitely have originally been in the game.
"If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I'm convinced that these two are blind."- Phoenix Wright, AA:T&T.

User Info: luigi4728

5 years ago#26
werewolfs like sandwiches

User Info: NaughtyGhost

5 years ago#27

It's everything I wanted right from the start, and I just HAVE to have it. I honestly have been waiting for that since before I got the game. I thought it would actually be in the game from the get-go but oh well, I'm still ready and I still want it.

User Info: NaughtyGhost

5 years ago#28

From: Leanaunfurled | #012
Fire and Ice Arrows


^ have fun. :D

User Info: Darklordryanw

5 years ago#29
I agree with the moving platforms but what does that mean for us do we need to start again it would be fantastic but some people will cheat to get throw anything those who do not though are the people who get past puzzles and get better knowledge but i still agree with you its just the vampire lord gains more but what you're saying is understandable and be amazing if they could do that and the vampire lord but its only one.

And sorry but the dragon mounts may help with the outside but if u needed to do quests that involed inside the dragon would be useless and i still were what how to you get to ride were do you get it what do you need to do to ride on it.

User Info: NaughtyGhost

5 years ago#30
Dragon mounts done right would make your dragon battles more interesting, they'd make your bandit camp raids more fun, so on and so forth. Yeah, you still have to hop off and go inside to do quests, but that's more beneficial than negative. If you ever played Drakan you'd know a healthy balance of the two gameplay types kept things fresh. You couldn't just rely on your amazing beast all the time, you still had to manage your character too. All dragon all the time = not fun.

As for how you'd get it, well...

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