How to remove Hi Res Texture Pack DLC ?

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  3. How to remove Hi Res Texture Pack DLC ?

User Info: indzman

5 years ago#1
I want to stop download High Res Texture pack DLC from Steam. Noticing its permanently attached to my skyrim game now and requires installation everytime i install Skyrim.

Its 3 gb size and my internet is slow and i can't even start original game now as its requiring to update the DLC first.

How do i permanently remove this DLC from my steam account?

User Info: MarblePhantasm

5 years ago#2
Just let it finish downloading and use it.

User Info: bionicman_3090

5 years ago#3
If the downloading has started, then as far as I can remember, you can't stop the download and continue gaming. You must finish the downloading first. Or, you can uninstall the game and re-install it and skip the Hi-res Texture Pack to get to the game.
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User Info: wishnot

5 years ago#4

try going into offline mode and deleting whats downloaded of the dlc, to see if it lets you start the game then, or if youve got a freind locally with the game and dlc installed they could copy it to a flash drive, so you can add that after closing Steam, restart Steam and see if it accepts it

User Info: valium88

5 years ago#5

Idk if it works, but try ofline mode as previously suggested hopefully you can open the Skyrim data folder in the Skyrim window and delete them from there..

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  3. How to remove Hi Res Texture Pack DLC ?

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