Removing Skyrim from Steam

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User Info: bshwalker

5 years ago#1
Now that I have your attention, I'll clarify.
I took Skyrim off of my pc, mods and all.
I re-installed it yesterday and when it was done, Steam had re-installed it with all of the mods I had on it, originally.
I want a clean install with no mods.
The only experience I have with steam is through Skyrim, so I don't know the ins and outs of it, at all. I play in offline mod 100% of the time
I install mods through NMM, manually or through Wrye.
I removed the game due to major lag issues after trying to remove some mods. Not only did the mods re-appear, I can't seem to get rid of them at all.
I show no mods in NMM or Wrye, but my Data files at the start menu show all the mods there even though I physically removed them by hand from the Data directory in the game folder.
This leaves me to believe that Steam is storing the game somewhere and keeping it, mods and all.
If it is, this is probably why my game lagged down in the first place.

How do I remove the entire game from the library so that I can do a complete re-install?
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User Info: DocWily

5 years ago#2
You can't. You can, however, disable Steam Cloud functionality, which might include some preferences.
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User Info: The_Abhorrent

5 years ago#3
There's a few steps you can do, preferrably in this order.

1. Unsubscribe to all Skyrim mods from the Steam Workshop you may have active.

2. Ensure that Skyrim is not set for automatic updating or Cloud-Sync.

3. Go into NMM and uninstall all your mods. Not necessarily delete them, just make sure they're not installed. You can also uninstall NMM as well (which shouldn't delete your mods either) to ensure it doesn't interfere with your clean re-install.

4. From Steam, right-click Skyrim in the Library tab and chose "delete local content".

And now for most important step.
5. Go into your hard drive, find the Steam folder and where the Skyrim folder within. Delete it and anything that is still in there. This was something I noticed back with Oblivion (did a couple of clean re-installs for it over the years), and is still true for Skyrim (which I've done at least one clean re-install, to clean up the excess baggage from too many mods). Uninstalling the program normally only removes the base files for the game, not any mods which were installed; you have to remove from the directory manually. This won't affect the archived, compressed, zipped files which you use for installing the mods via NMM; those are stored elsewhere, usually in the format you downloaded them as.

6. Empty your recycle bin (probably holding a lot of stuff at this point, none of which you'll want to keep I imagine).

7. Re-install Skyrim.

8. Install the mods you want to keep using (and NMM if necessary).

That should solve any problems you have.

The main thing is that the mods stay behind even if you uninstall the game, as they're not directly associated with the game's files. It's not a big deal, to be honest; but if you're clearing up space on your hard drive or doing a clean re-install, you just have to make sure you do that.
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User Info: bshwalker

5 years ago#4
Ah, thank you.

I'm really trying to get to the root of this problem because I'm starting to think that this could be part of a problem that others are having as well.

I removed NMM. I went into my steam folders on my hard drive and removed all esp and esm that I wanted to get rid of then removed them from the reycle bin. Next I went to wrye and they were still there! I deleted each one by hand, went and checked the folder, which was clear of all mods (esp and esm) then uninstalled the game, by deleting the Skyrim folder.
There was nothing Skyrim on my pc. I used the disk to reinstall. I installed wrye and it showed no mods. I look in the start screen data folder and there were all the mods that I've ever installed. I've never loaded a mod through the workshop. I only use steam to run the game, because I have to.
My thinking is that a number of players are having lag issues because steam is not getting rid of deleted mods, even though they are being removed. If that's the case, a person could be running conflicting mods and/or be running close to the mod limit without even knowing it.
After my first post, I went into steam and played around with the actual games settings and turned off cloud and did some other stuff. I had to leave for work so ill pick this back up later today.
The Rabbit convinced the Fox not to cast him into the brier patch, but to join him in there and rip up his flesh among the thorns.

User Info: bshwalker

5 years ago#5
Just reinstalled again, a clean install, and mods are back. I've turned off the cloud, dc'd from the net and have opened up the data folder and removed each mod, skse, boss, scriptdragon, and wrye.
Next step is to bring in wryr, skse, script dragon, unofficial patch and updates.

We'll see...
The Rabbit convinced the Fox not to cast him into the brier patch, but to join him in there and rip up his flesh among the thorns.

User Info: aiRWaLKRe

5 years ago#6
delete the skyrim folder in "my documents/my games", I don't think it stores mods there but that is where it stores .ini files and your savegames so uninstalling and deleting the skyrim folder under steamapps still doesn't get rid of all skyrim data as there is still the game folder in "my documents/my games"
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User Info: bshwalker

5 years ago#7
Ill check that out, too.

Its really looking like being connected to the cloud causes the game to re-install everything that you previously had, no matter what's on your pc.
Normally that's not a problem if you're playing a game that doesn't have mods. Its a good thing actually. Its not a good thing for mods since you more than likely will remove old ones and add new ones. Steam might be putting the ones you think you've deleted back in play causing lag.
The Rabbit convinced the Fox not to cast him into the brier patch, but to join him in there and rip up his flesh among the thorns.
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