I don't lag in wow, will I lag in this game.

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User Info: arleas

5 years ago#11

From: Billy Trance | #004
My graphic card is GeForce GT 520. Is that a decent card?

the 520 is pretty weak.


It's on the list of "high end video cards" but it is smack dab at the bottom, and probably doesn't even belong on that list.

I'd say that to play this game you may have to set it to all low, and then use some mods to disable the graphics further... basically, how badly do you want to play this? So badly that you don't mind it looking like crap?

Also, what was your graphics card from before? The 520 is a relatively recent card, but some people think just because (for example) the number 520 is bigger than 440 that the 520 is going to be better, but it doesn't work that way. The 5 in 520 refers to the generation while the 20 in 520 refers to the "level" the card is, which would be "good enough for basic applications and old games". A good card in any generation would be a 50 or better, so a 250 would be better for games than a 520, even though it's a much smaller number.

User Info: QuasiSeal

5 years ago#12
Rhyten posted...
From: red255 | Posted: 5/2/2012 1:44:03 PM
no, you won't 'lag' in this game since its not an online game.

your system might not be able to handle it, being all stuttery or whatever, but you certainly won't lag.

So much wrong with that. You need to connect to steam to play so it is an online game, just single player. And whether it's online or offline there can still be framerate issues.

To OP: If you meet the system requirements then stay away from using enhanced textures, and be careful of what mods you use.

User Info: cbftw

5 years ago#13
Billy Trance posted...
Wtf I downgraded my graphic card from 4 years ago? I did a performance check, my graphic and everything are above 5.0 rating. Now I changed into a graphic card the fry's employee recommended me weeks ago, my graphic rating is now 4.0. Everything else is above 5.0. Seriously? FML

Return the card to Fry's and complain to the manager about the salesperson that made the recommendation.

User Info: x_stevey_x

5 years ago#14
what card did you have before?

User Info: Felicia_catlady

5 years ago#15
QuasiSeal posted...
You need to connect to steam to play so it is an online game...

You don't need to connect to the Internet to play this game. You need to connect just when downloading the game, but you CAN open Steam without being connected to the Internet (offline mode).

And LAG is a lapse on response time normally related to slow or unstable internet connections. It has nothing to do with framerate.
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User Info: The_Abhorrent

5 years ago#16
Felicia_catlady posted...
WoW is a LOT lighter on your CPU and GPU than Skyrim, so WoW is not a safe parameter.

That's the crux of the prose right there. I ran WoW on a seven year old computer (custom built with reasonably high-end parts at the time) up to about two years ago (quit WoW altogether), and I had zero performance issues with that game. WoW is not a demanding game, at all; in fact, it's designed so that it doesn't require a great PC to play. Maximizing subscriptions and all that; even when WoW first came out, it was fairly low on the requirements (and hasn't increased it by much either.

Yet I had to completely rebuild my PC before I could even meet the specs for Skyrim, and that was due to the fact I was running it off of a single core processor; dual cores were cutting-edge tech when I built it (way too expensive), and to accommodate those I'd have to get a new motherboard (which more or less means rebuilding the whole PC, everything goes into the mobo). It was the bottleneck for my PC games, but it ran most just fine (I didn't play many demanding games on it anyhow). I didn't overhaul my PC until this December, and I went with the complete rebuild at that point. Not just to play Skyrim, my internet browser was starting to struggle; the overhaul was long overdue.

Now, "lag" in the technical sense is an online-only problem; it's the delay between player input and action in the game due to connection speeds. This can sometimes manifest as framerate stutter or loss, and framerate just so happens to be the standard benchmark for how well an offline game is performing; so while offline games technically don't lag, cases of performance loss are called "lag" because the game is struggling to keep up with what's going on.

Anyhow, the real question is "Can my PC run Skyrim?". It's already been established that WoW is NOT a decent benchmark, but there's a site which can tell you -- "Can you run it?". Go there, and it'll tell if your PC is up to the task; if it isn't, it'll tell you where.

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User Info: kanated123

5 years ago#17
Honestly this sounds like a troll topic.

User Info: Marikhen

5 years ago#18
kanated123 posted...
Honestly this sounds like a troll topic.

Agreed, lag has nothing to do with your graphics card and this game doesn't have a networking component.
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User Info: Billy Trance

Billy Trance
5 years ago#19
When I say lag, I mean delay of any kind. Lag is more commonly used for games. Like when I play DMC4 on my PC, it feels like a slide show.

User Info: arleas

5 years ago#20

From: Billy Trance | #019
Lag is more commonly used for games.

Lag is most commonly used to refer to network latency.

You could say "input lag" or "mouse lag" if you move the mouse and the actions on screen seem on a delay, but what you're REALLY talking about is a crappy framerate.

it feels like a slide show.

that's your framerate probably being in the under 15 range... I personally can't stand playing first person games at less than 60 fps... other games have to be at least 30 fps, though if there's not a lot of action i may not notice till it drops below 20fps.
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