Dawnguard vs Vampires

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User Info: Alvin_the_Elf

5 years ago#1
Which side are you on?

I'll start. I'll join the Dawnguard.

(PS: I was so tempted to name this topic 'Team Dawnguard vs. Team Vampires' just for the LOLs!)
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User Info: XxRiSoNxX

5 years ago#2
Killing either would be fun. ^_^

But, I'll have to say Dawnguard... not a big fan of the vampires in TES games. They just seem more... primitive than I care for.
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User Info: LeBurns63

5 years ago#3

To be honest I'll have to make a whole new character, one with evil tendencies, to join the Vampires, and I generally don't play evil. Out of the 10 or so characters I've retired thus far only one was evil, he joined the DB and did all the daedric quests, but that's generally all he did and I needed someone to do that so I could see those quests. Generally my characters are 'good guys'.
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User Info: themagicpainman

5 years ago#4

Going to start a vampire character just for that.
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User Info: SteadyingMeat

5 years ago#5
I dunno. Maybe Vampires just because it seems like they're getting the most attention. Hell, Dragonborn even has orange eyes in the thingy
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User Info: TheBonsaiSlaya

5 years ago#6

I'm anti-hero.
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User Info: SteadyingMeat

5 years ago#7
one thing I'm hoping for though is the option to not completely and ruthlessly slaughter the opposing side. But unfortunately, I'm expecting that's what it's gonna be like
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User Info: 1cody

5 years ago#8
Vampires to see is necromage works as a demon things.

User Info: Unholy235

5 years ago#9
Team Jacob.
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User Info: Razielim423

5 years ago#10
Sadly, I'm going to make a hard save and run through both sides. The one I enjoy the most will become my main save. I think I'll enjoy the vampire side more though. The trailer made it seem like the story was mostly written for that side.

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