Dawnguard, Gameplay Mods and S.T.E.P.

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User Info: Kushu

5 years ago#1
Just got Skyrim for PC this afternoon. I'm curious about something. Well, a lot of things, actually.

Got NMM, I'm working to follow the STEP guide to the letter (at least for the Core stuff). How does it handle, for those of you who have it? I'm hoping bugs and conflicts are pretty minimal, but then, it also hasn't been updated in 2 months.

While waiting for the Skyrim Official HD textures to download, I started wondering, is it worth it for me to go through this lengthy process of following the STEP guide to Skyrim visual and immersive improvements if Dawnguard's going to come out and overwrite a bunch of my files anyway? Or will the Dawnguard stuff be based off the existing, step modified textures and be mostly pretty with a few bugs or unmodified things (like crossbows and presumably the new areas)

What about if I want to add and remove gameplay mods? Should they be installed before or after STEP? It doesn't matter does it? Most of that stuff will just be using tools already in the step-modified files. Right?

What's the deal here? I'm thinking do as much of step as I can handle, test it out a little. back-up that file grouping as a sort of "Base-line" that I can reset to. Then I'll consider gameplay mods like Better Magic or some werewolf improvement.

Am I on the right track here?
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User Info: Matty_G33

5 years ago#2
Dawnguard's content will likely be packed in a .bsa archive instead of loose. IIRC, .bsa's are loaded first, .esp's second, and loose files last.

Regarding gameplay, they shouldn't conflict with graphics mods because they use different plugin and/or texture/mesh files, and all will likely to have their own different paths to them.
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User Info: Sunflight01

5 years ago#3
If you install Skyrim via STEAM, you can use the STEAM workshop to get TONS of player-created DLC, and it will auto-install it for you (and keep track of updates) with just 1 click. No messing with .bsa files or root directories, it does all the heavy lifting.

Honestly the HD textures and whatnot are great, but let yourself get a feel for the combat, and then go looking for the real gems of this game, things that expand the combat system. Midas Magic does a great job giving players even MORE options with magic, and I would also highly recommend "Whistle", "Sounds of Skyrim", "Wraparound Tree Perks" and "Item Sorting".

Note: Fall of Space Core, Vol. 1 is LEGIT free DLC from Bethesda themselves, paying homage to Portal.
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User Info: guncaddy

5 years ago#4
whichever way you do go, NMM or workshop, keep in mind there will be exclusive mods on each side cause some creators prefer that. for example, Grandmaster, which is an unarmed fighting mod is only on the Nexus,
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User Info: roodbaard67

5 years ago#5
Sunflight01 posted...

Note: Fall of Space Core, Vol. 1 is LEGIT free DLC from Bethesda themselves, paying homage to Portal.

Actually it's from valve.

User Info: gungunn101

5 years ago#6
In my opinion, STEP and any texture replacers should always be installed before everything else.
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