Apocalypse spell package - balanced?

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User Info: Naberu

5 years ago#11
One of the balanced spell mods, I think.

Volcano + Landed Dragons = Dragon killer

For those with a -lot- of magicka to spare, now you can reduce your chances of dying in Werewolf or Vampire Lord form (no armor) with Energy Shield. It reduces your Magicka by 1 for every 4 damage you take (I think). Energy Shield + Alteration Spell combo will ensure you live long enough to enjoy your killcam animations ;D
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User Info: jakisthe

5 years ago#12
It's the most balanced of all the spell mods I've seen. Take that as you will...
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User Info: colemanmarkd

5 years ago#13
I say balanced if you don't use exploits. If you have 100% reduced magicka costs enchantments then yes it gets ridiculously easy. But so did vanilla skyrim at that point too. The spell pack just gives more variety then.

I don't use exploits when I play as a mage since it makes the game too easy. So in my game it's balanced.
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  3. Apocalypse spell package - balanced?

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