Druid build and mod suggestions?

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User Info: thunderwolf86

5 years ago#1
Im just getting started on a dunmer druid build (i know wood elves are better but they look hideous). i have a few mods that aid the build and make it more lore friendly but the armor doesnt work imo, and the build feels a little incomplete. i was wondering how would you build one and, if any, what mods would you use?
this is roughly what i have so far
midas magic mod has conjure spriggan, shapeshift wolf, and entangle which i think work great for the druid. i dont have the druidism alteration mod because im afraid it will conflict with midas.
focus on alteration, alchemy, archery (at least i think if a druid were to use a weapon it would be a wooden bow), and minor forcus on sneak and pickpocket to plant poisons.
any thoughts, suggestions and even changes if u feel i made a mistake would be great.

User Info: Guildvrim

5 years ago#2
The magic academy mod (used to be Phenderix) adds a lot of new destruction spells to the game that have a more nature feel to them (water, wind, earth spells and the like). Apocalypse spell package really adds just about anything else you could want including new summon like spriggans, spirit animals and stuff. Those have always covered me for spells.

Dunno a good armor set with a Druid "feel" to it, but the tribunal robes mod has a green colored robe, so you might want to check it out and see if you like the looks of it.

User Info: SirWozzel

5 years ago#3
I guess hircine's fur cloak would kinda work or forswarn armor.
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User Info: ClavicusSmile

5 years ago#4
It's very unlikely that Midas Magic will conflict with most other magic mods, I had mods that overhauled every spell perk tree, a necromancy mod, and Midas Magic working fine all at the same time. Might be wrong though, still guy who made Midas Magic (Xilver I think?) Was a skilled Modder, and all his mod does is add custom spells and effects to my knowledge really. Perk trees shouldn't be seriously affected.

I saw a good Druidism or Shamanism mod on Steam, Never tried it but it looked decent
As for Armors, I'd personally recommend Immersive Armors, as it adds tons of armor, tons, and some weapons, all lore-friendly. Warchief armor is sorta... interesting... basically combines Fur, and Orc armor (Though it can still be light) and then takes it to the next level.

Mentioning Fur while it seems like it might not work as far as protection, Smithing makes it moderately viable, and if you don't want to do Smithing you can always get the Economics of Skyrim mod, which lets you make some big changes to the merchants and economy, of course, but also let's you ask Blacksmiths to improve your armor. Back to Immersive Armors, it also has Hunter's Armor (Which might be unique, I don't know, found it on a dead hunter in a cave) though that armor may be anti-druid, as it sorta has dead rabbits hanging off your belt. I'm sure the mod has others though.

One of the mods I have, either JaySus's Swords (Which is a great mod for weapons) or Immersive Armors adds a Stag Skull Staff which I think looks very druid or shaman-like.

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User Info: BluPhenix316

5 years ago#5
Look for a Mod that adds Clubs. Druids atleast in any D&D game or ruleset i've played used clubs or staves. Druids didn't use bows at all they used Slings with rock bullets. Sorry I don't have any mod suggestions but you have made me really wanting to make a druid myself. Shapeshifting is what I really want. If werewolf wasn't so horrible even with being modded i'd really consider it

User Info: jolly_pickles

5 years ago#6
For my shaman/druid character i use the apocalypse spell mod, master shape shifter mod and Jaysus for staff weapons (2 handed weps that look like staffs at least)

Also another mod, Staff for Battlemage, the heavy version uses the skin and model of the forsworn staff, but has it as a 2 handed weapon. It looks the part.
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User Info: ClavicusSmile

5 years ago#7
Couple of corrections to my above post that I've recently discovered, first.. though I'm sure others knew this already, I didn't since I've never been able to progress far in Smithing before but in any case....

1. When it comes to improving things with Smithing there are caps so far as I can see, so Fur can only reach Superior level, Economics of Skyrim might be able to get around that, dunno, but as one might expect who knows the game, there is a highly skilled blacksmith in Whiterun, who can bump your weapons all the way up to Legendary if you got the Septims if you got EoS.

2. The Hunter armor is not unique, It's just around the mid-level of the smithing perk tree for Immersive Armors. Probably the light armor side, but I wouldn't know as I got the light, and heavy one at the same time at that point.

Back to the subject at hand, that perk tree mod I saw is indeed in the workshop. Sounds like it might still have some glitches though, but I'm still fairly certain it wouldn't conflict with Midas, Xilver knew what he was doing with it, and It doesn't appear to change perk trees at all, I removed all those other magic mods I had and they still look pretty much exactly the same as they do in vanilla Skyrim. Nexus is stunningly lacking in druid related mods really, a few here and there, most of which seem to be still waiting to be approved.

User Info: thunderwolf86

5 years ago#8
i actually had both the phenderix and apocalypse mods but switched to the midas magic mod because i also have a warlock, a necromancer, and sorceror build on the go and i was getting some ctds and other conflicts with them. midas does have conjure spriggan but not a spriggan thrall, mind u i think i can make that in the ck.
yeah i saw that druidism mod too, i was a little scetchy to try it because of the conflict with midas, but ill give it a shot and hopefully there wont be that same conflict. that really just leaves the armor/robes and staff then.
i have immersive armors, i really like that mod alot, especially the vanguard, but like you said the hunter armor is kinda anti-druid with those dead rabbits, the warchief and einherjar armors both have steel on them and im not sure about this but i read somewhere that druids refraine from steel at all times. now im not 100% sure about that, but it sounds like a druid trait.
really? they dont use bows? thats disappointing, i thought that would suite well. a club however i thought i saw a mod like that on the nexus but i cant remember the name, ill have to look into that again.
well i do have 2 mods that affect conjuration and smithing, but i believe the druidism mod only affects the alteration tree so yeah it should be fine.
thanks for the help with this so far guys, skyrim really didnt take druidism into account when they made this game but its intriguing to know its still possible to have a proper build.
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