Good Race Revamp mod?

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User Info: BowserCuffs

5 years ago#1
I will admit that, well, people have a point when they point out that the vanilla races are very samey aside from their 24 hour ability.

So, I was kinda looking into a good race revamp mod. Something that makes them different without necessarily going overboard. And not one that goes "Morrowind/Oblivion did it best so I'll just copy that as best as I can." If I wanted to play Oblivion or Morrowind, I'd play, well, Oblivion (since I don't have Morrowind anymore)

It doesn't need to be lore friendly, either, just needs some variety and balance.

I should also mention that I dislike and have always disliked the Altmer weakness to everything magical. Such a severe weakness that no other race ever suffered for a relatively minimal magicka bonus and negligable skill bonuses. Bretons were pretty much superior to Altmer in every important way unless you like to abuse developer oversights with Altmer and spell absorption in Morrowind.

Character Creation Overhaul looks like it could be very interesting (it adds races, too) but the genders are kinda... da fuq'd.

Going by this chart... Argonian females have a strict +20 Magicka advantage over Argonian males with absolutely no downsides to compensate. Conversely, Breton Females are completely weaker in every way than Breton Males. And so on.

While I understand that this was derived from Oblivion/Morrowind stats, there's the problem in the fact that the genders are [i]not[/i] remotely balanced like they were in Oblivion/Morrowind. Whereas an Argonian Male would be physically stronger than an Argonian Female, while the Female would be more mystical, here, we have the fact that apparently, the females are just as strong as the males, and have more magicka reserves to boot. And apparently, Breton females are kept from doing anything productive

(In truth, I've never been fond of the gender stat differences in TES games, and it was something that I was glad was done away with in Skyrim - Regardless, that's my personal preference)

There's also this mod but it doesn't fix cameras so you're kinda looking out of your characters' chest if they're taller.

This mod looks quite good, actually...

Eh. Any suggestions?
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User Info: Slakr

5 years ago#2

Edit: I didn't realize he also put it on the workshop. I never bothered using special racial powers before getting this mod. Now I use them all the time, because they're actually worth using.
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User Info: pokemeister

5 years ago#3
Gotta put my money behind "That's Racist". It blends so well into the base game that you'd think that this was how it always was.
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User Info: GriffRoberts

5 years ago#4
I love "That's Racist". It's a simple approach that solves the problem of racial variety, without changing anything else. Plus the new effects are all really cool. My only real beef is that it doesn't do anything for Bretons, but the mod was made specifically to "make every other race as awesome as the Breton", so I can get that.
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User Info: BowserCuffs

5 years ago#5
Huh. "That's Racist" it is.

SushiSquid does seem to be pretty good at editing just enough to satisfy a need. I'll check out other mods from him.
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I went to College for Obsessions and everything to get that certification.
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User Info: BowserCuffs

5 years ago#7
My only real problem with Character Creation Overhaul is, as I said, the unbalanced genders. Like I said, I understand he was going for Oblivion/Morrowind values, but the result is kinda disappointing.
Certified Dragon Maniac
I went to College for Obsessions and everything to get that certification.
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