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User Info: Sheevauser01

4 years ago#1
Ok, I'm a thief character so the first thing I did was make full hide armor. However, it hasn't seemed to help my sneak at all, and I even improved it a couple times already. Why isn't my hide armor helping me sneak? Please help.

User Info: jpomz

4 years ago#2
Armor doesn't help you sneak. It makes you worse at it, unless it has improve sneak enchantments.
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User Info: Uber_Ed

4 years ago#3
Best thing to start out with for a thief, when sneaking, is nothing. Then you'll get perks that will allow you to wear armor.
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User Info: simsamsalabim

4 years ago#4
lol right over their heads.

9/10 OP. Kudos.

User Info: BowserCuffs

4 years ago#5
You misunderstood, TC.

It's not called hide armor because it helps you hide.

It's called hide armor because you're supposed to hide from it :D
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User Info: Slakr

4 years ago#6
I thought it was armor that you are supposed to keep in a hidden location.
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