Why do people like Morrowind so much?

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User Info: ZozmaSage

4 years ago#41
I played Morrowind, then Oblivion, then Skyrim. As wonderful of a game as I think Morrowind was, I think nostalgia colors peoples' opinion. Which isn't to say Morrowind wasn't a great game, or even the superior title-- that falls down to what you're looking for in a game-- just that people are willing to overlook its flaws and overplay its strengths.

While Morrowind was epic, it was also slow, clunky, clumsy, rough, and lacked polish. Storylines took a long time to get started and often entailed the sort of backtracking and petty minutia that really ought to have been filtered out of RPGs by that point. Is it realistic that junior members of the mage guild are used as alchemical component deliverymen? Certainly. Is that what *I* want out of my gaming experience? No, not really. Racial tensions and political over and undertones were as good as they'd ever get in the series, but the effect of that was diminished when you realized that very few characters were ever going to leave their hundred square-foot rooms; it was always a legitimate shock for me when a NPC was removed from an area without me killing them.

As for it not having a standard fantasy setting? In terms of lore and scope there are quite a few differences, but when it comes to the actual look of it you'll be staring at forty barren, dusty landscapes for every masterfully rendered mushroom tower. Its bestiary is something to brag about, though, I'll give it that.

And that's not to go into the bad combat system, the lack of balance, and other more obvious flaws that I'm sure people already pointed out. Was Morrowind a fantastic game? Absolutely. Is it worth buying and playing to this day? Absolutely. But I'd disagree with the sentiment that Oblivion and Skyrim have some catching up to do to get to Morrowind. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, and for all of Morrowind's openess and freedom and depth there felt like a serious lack of polish, wholeness, and grace. But that's just me.

User Info: The_Milk_Man13

4 years ago#42
For me it was the setting, the quests, the characters. The game was just so magical, and, after playing Skyrim for a few hundred hours and getting bored, I remembered how great Morrowind was. So, I bought the PC version of it, installed a crap ton of mods (most of which were for Graphics, and enjoyed it for around 200 hours before losing the spark that sent me to it.

If you haven't played it than I strongly recommend you do. You'll probably need to improve the graphics for it, and fix the combat system, but once you polish it up you should easily be able to see why everyone loves it.
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User Info: yhibiki

4 years ago#43
Basically a friend who was really into TES shoved Morrowind at me until I played; this was after Oblivion had already been released. I played a bit of Morrowind, all of Oblivion, and am about halfway through with Skyrim now.

While I don't doubt that certain aspects of Morrowind are better than Oblivion and Skyrim, at the same time, I could never get into it as much. I think one of my biggest problems was the fact that getting anywhere took so damn long. There'd be a random marker on my map and then it'd be a drag to force myself to walk there to complete the damn quest. And then having to walk all the way back out as well... If there had been some form of fast travel option, I probably would have enjoyed the game a lot more.

I've heard people complaining about fast travel in Oblivion and Skyrim; heck, there are mods that remove that ability. But the thing is, nobody forces you to use the options. But when I played Morrowind, there was no choice but to slowly, REALLY SLOWLY, make my way across the landscape.

I like the new streamlined systems. Now, if the new streamlined systems could be combined with more complex and more numerous faction quests, that'd probably be the best of both worlds. But in terms of personal gameplay enjoyment, I'm going to have to go with Skyrim and Oblivion over Morrowind.

User Info: Slakr

4 years ago#44
There's a reason Morrowind has been labeled a "walking simulator."
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User Info: clowning

4 years ago#45
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User Info: yutterh

4 years ago#46
I still feel morrowind has the better atmoshpere, freedom and missions. the only thing i disliked was no fast travel "option" and the combat. they fixed that in oblivion but took out so much more. Oblivion took out things like crossbows and spears, the leveling system was okay nothing wrong innovative liked where it was going but what killed it for me is that the world leveled with you, which in my opinion, was freakin ridiculous. I really dont get why people complain about oblivions surroundings. It's a total different area and i feel the only reason the atmosphere wasnt as good is do to the world leveling system. Skyrim is almost perfect i love the new leveling system they did makes it real easy to use and makes leveling a blast. Yes they got rid of the stats but they jsut got in the way and you had to level skills specifically to max everything out. The only thing skyrims falls apart in is the selections you had with morrowind. I liked having all the different parts of armors and the weapon selections. Took alot of customization away from magic and enchanting. Skyrim is a step into the right direction just needs to add some of the things that made morrowind awesome.
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User Info: daddydivine

4 years ago#47
Bad taste.
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User Info: centsy

4 years ago#48
I always had fond memories of Morrowind, so I reinstalled it recently. I modded it up with all the recommended mods. And... the game was not nearly as great as I remembered. The game just hasn't aged well. It's definitely a case of nostalgia. There's a reason that 99% of people who claim that Morrowind is the best, played Morrowind as their first Elder Scrolls game.

User Info: yutterh

4 years ago#49
The only thing for me that is hard to get by is the combat. thats the only thing wrong with it.
Good news everyone! - Hubert Farnsworth
What do you mean "we", flesh-tube? - bender

User Info: Magenieus

4 years ago#50
The real questions is, how do some people not love morrowind? They must be tripping on some mega mushrooms.
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