SkyRe builds?

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User Info: Benjamin_Button

5 years ago#1
Where can I find some skyre builds? Scrounging the net i only come across vanilla builds which, for the most part, wont work in SkyRe due to the major overhaul.

User Info: Upman80

5 years ago#2
The question is why do you need them.

User Info: PadF0oTDayZ

5 years ago#3
this is hard to say especially since a lot of people balance their SkyRe game differently depending on what other mods are in use (eg i use ASIS, ace & duel combat mods with SkyRe)

here's a few ive personally used.

Support battlepriest (using Ultimate follower overhaul mod)- my favourite so far

Sword and shield in the early levels, get light/heavy armor up too, pick up 2-3 followers after first few quests, from then on I started using healing hands & auras to get restoration up really quick. I also used blacksmithing to twink out my followers.
Beyond that it depends on whether u want to be melee/ranged support- i was using aura that buffs followers so i continued going Sword/shield- really fun attackig the sides of monsters and disrupting them with shield bash, opening them up to attack from your followers.
you could also switch to bow for ranged support--i think ill do this next, it might be better than going destruction since u cant use aoe so well with your followers in front.

Tankmage (with apocalypse spell pack)
a super unstealthy heavy-armor using mage- only level heavy armor, enchanting, destruction, a bit of resto & alteration. The plan is to be unkillable. which isnt easy in SkyRe, especially if u use the combat mods i used.
I never used followers with this guy, and went all out on the crafting, and game was still somehwat balanced util i passed lvl 50...then very little could hurt me unfortunately (i completed the main queest then)

build uses ALL contingencies on permanent, defensive contingency set to a debuffing destruction spell like an ice spell, offensive contingency set to the most powerful AOE i had, wild contingency set to a heal.... mostly I used lightning, since fellow mages were the biggest threat. even in heavy armor you cant let yourself get hit too much since this build doesnt level shields

im planning to do either of these next:

bow specialist
both long and short bows + sneak, smithing as needed.
sneak+longbow snipes, as enemies close in switch to short bows, plan is to use all perks in the archery tree

im not sure if this will work for my setup, since i get 1-2 shotted even in heavy armor
BUT, i was planning to do a pure fist build, to use the awesome light weapons perk tree, wearing only clothes/robes with alteration for the mage armor buff.
I've tried most builds

from my experience, having a destruction mage with the alteration armor spells, alteration perk "medium" and fully enchanted dreamcloth gear is BY FAR the most powerful. Dragonflesh with the alteration perks and a staff in one hand gives you nearly 0 shout cooldowns, and around 850 armor which (pretty sure) is more than full Daedric armor. Also incinerate has a 0.5 second cast time and one or two-shots most things on master difficulty

followers just get in the way and run/engage enemies way too slowly, I never bothered with them

User Info: Nenina

5 years ago#5
Still not interested in Skyre. Requires new game, requires being married to it, and you need its permission for you to use other mods.

User Info: bjkelley

5 years ago#6
Nenina posted...
Still not interested in Skyre. Requires new game, requires being married to it, and you need its permission for you to use other mods.

This. I have a good 75 mods or so and as much as I'd like SkyRe's skill trees, it's not worth it for all the crap.
Jesus Push it to the Limit! -
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

User Info: Upman80

5 years ago#7
I didn't realize SkyRe was so restricting. Good thing, too, or else I wouldn't have installed the other 150 odd mods( basically anything that came to mind ). If I had known that, I'd have been more careful and would not install anything else.

User Info: PadF0oTDayZ

5 years ago#8
Same goes for me. I run 145 mods and don't have many problems with skyre- it just took a little reading up on compatibility. Not sure why people find it restricting

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