Best balanced magic mod

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User Info: enterthedraygon

5 years ago#1
I have better magic on for proper leveling, but ive been tempted with apocolypse and midas magic. I just want something that's balanced, has more summons, and works with other mods. Any suggestions?

User Info: aamfirdaus

5 years ago#2
Apocalypse is balance, I think. And it works with Better Magics.

User Info: KyphrinX

5 years ago#3
Apocalypse is an awesome mod, well worth the download and use. I've been using it for a while and it seems to be a fairly balanced one.
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User Info: TheVillageIdiot

5 years ago#4
I use Balanced Magic. I found it first and never tried another so it may not be the best or most balanced. I like it a lot, though.

User Info: Matty_G33

5 years ago#5
Simple Skyrim Spell Scaling Solution + Better Magic.

The former flips all the magic school related enchantments and potions around; mage robes/enchants now buff the potency of your spells, and the potions will decrease casting costs. In addition, skill scaling for spells is more effective, because you won't have gear that reduces casting costs.

The latter on the other hand, makes general improvements all-around. The effects of the mod are very basic, but they work incredibly well. It was actually designed to be used with the mod above, but can work finely without it.
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User Info: Nenina

5 years ago#6
Simple Skyrim Spell Scaling Solution + Better Magic + Apocalypse Spells

Will that work?
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User Info: Echosides

5 years ago#8
Forgotten Magic
Forgotten Magic adds 42 new spells to your game, each with 7 possible improvements to the spell, over 280 improvements in total. The level of the spells is capped at 4.
Spells gain experience as you use them, which allows you to unlock a new effect each time they level up.
These improvements, as well as the spells themselves can be combined for potential greater effects; it’s up to you to decide where your true power and nature lie.

Can be a bit overpowered towards the end... But having spells that level and have their own separate added effect choices is neat. I personally made a fire/necro mage. Animated Dead and Fire Blast lasted me from level 5 to level 30 and kept up decently with Better magic and TSSSSS.
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User Info: aamfirdaus

5 years ago#9
On top of the above mods, you can use this:
LF Tactical Magic Combat

With this, you can store a spell that will be automatically cast on some condition. Don't worry, you will not be OP with this. It needs long cooldown and can only be active once.
For example: You store Fast Healing, and it will be active when you got hit.

Just like Contingency and Adaptive Protection in Apocalypse, but at lesser power. Thus, a wizard should be very prepared before a battle.

User Info: RKOL3G3NDK1LL3R

5 years ago#10
when you say its balance
can it handle level 81 enemies scaling enemies, deadly dragon, and warzones fights?
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