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User Info: thoughtsoutside

4 years ago#1
I couldn't find anything through google. So, my character falls asleep in Had Rock Redoubt (SW of Skyrim by Markarth), and upon awakening, a fugitive arrives. The fugitive tells my character to hold onto something (I'm pretty sure it's a high level heavy armor, but I am not 100% sure). The man does not explain himself but vaguely says "I will return, don't squeal on me. I'll be back, just hold onto this). So, I wait and 10 in game hours pass. He still has not returned. I complete a couple of quests, and I still have this upper body Armour with me. I go back, and he still is not there.
I just sold the armor because F it, it weights 35 pounds. Did I just miss something really awesome?

User Info: KCGemini

4 years ago#2

Google "Skyrim fugitive"
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User Info: Mr_M0j0_Rising

4 years ago#3
Yeah some random encounter. I met that fellow I outside of Riften. Asked me to hold on to his precious enchanted shield. I then took it to the Court Wizard's Enchantment table and destroyed it.

...never heard from him again. He was probably eaten by a troll or something.
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User Info: Aylais

4 years ago#4
I'm pretty sure he doesn't ever come back. Just think of it as more crap to sell.

User Info: Nenina

4 years ago#5
That guy got me killed by a volcanic deadly dragon when he locked me in conversation long enough to be incinerated.

User Info: Bigj089

4 years ago#6
Several times, one of them another guy came running up and asked me if I had seen him and said that he had stolen a family heirloom or something like that. Cant remember what I told him but it didnt matter as I had killed said thief seconds before then said victim after the conversation ended. Then the dragon nearby.
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User Info: thoughtsoutside

4 years ago#7
KCGemini posted...

Google "Skyrim fugitive"

crap..... That's the first thing I should have tried. I'll just go hide and never post again because of embarrassment.

User Info: bionicman_3090

4 years ago#8
Nenina posted...
That guy got me killed by a volcanic deadly dragon when he locked me in conversation long enough to be incinerated.

lol I hate it when that happens. This one time, I was fighting two Giants and a Mammoth (I had killed the other mammoth). The fugitive hurriedly ran up to me just as I was backing away from the Giant who was about to do a power attack. I get locked on to the conversation and a couple of seconds later, the both of us were launched into orbit.

You know when you try talking to a NPC who's busy doing something, you get a message saying that the "NPC is busy"? That code should apply to the fugitive as well.

There was another run-in with the fugitive. As usual, he gave me a crap item (shame on him for not stealing anything better) and ran away. Seconds later, the owner of that item (shame on him for actually having the gall to retrieve that worthless piece of steaming garbage) arrived and asked me where he went. I told that he went "that a way" and without thinking, the owner turned around and ran back in the same direction that he came from lol.
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User Info: Ultrachao

4 years ago#9
When I encountered him, he just went and hid behind a nearby tree, where he immediately got shot dead by the Hunter after I finished talking to him
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