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User Info: Dragoon08

4 years ago#1

I would like some input on my build please. I plan to use archery as a main thing and when things get personal I use illusion with a one handed sword.

Enchanting And Smithing will power leveled when all my other perks are at max. I will focus on Alchemy through the game for money.. I never use the poisons.

I would like to know what Stone should I get if I plan to rush Dawnguard at the start of my quest? I plan to go the vampire route... I do get a chest with the Keep, right?

What ratio should I do for stats? I would like to be at a comfortable level with my Magicka.

Any tips is greatly appreciated.

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User Info: Missiletainn

4 years ago#2
A tip at first glance: Max out Critical Shot. Take a point out of Steady Hand if you have too. That perk is too amazing to miss out on.
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User Info: razien777

4 years ago#3
one advise use the total overhaul requiem and few other mod if you want do play the original skyrim since its sucks the mod is on nexus

or player with sperg and 100+ mods to have a even better than requiem gameplay...

sperg have very fun perkis and every quest rewards with skillpoinmts too

User Info: KatimariDamashi

4 years ago#4
remove the perk in illusion dual casting; from what you've said you'll almost never be dual casting spells (as the only time you'll even have a spell is when you have your sword out). Fire, frost and storm enchanter are arguable. On one hand, you'll hit quite a bit harder if you make use of those elemental enchants. On the other hand, you can take fire enchanter (to boost fiery soul trap, my go to fire enchant) and have the 2 other perks free to place elsewhere. Also, since you never use poisons, I recommend taking both points from the poison branch of alchemy. If you do what I've said so far, you'll have 5 perks free to place. I recommend maxing critical shot in archery (you can crit on top of sneak crits for loads of damage, not to mention the occasional help when not sneaking) and placing the remaining points in fighting stance and 2/3 bladesman or 3/3 bladesman.
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User Info: Dragoon08

4 years ago#5
Thanks alot for the feedback everyone!
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