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User Info: zombie666

4 years ago#1
I am having problem with objects flying all over the place when Im inside house.
Either I keep hearing the sound of object flying all over the place but nothing happens or whenever I open a door some object: bowls or plates for example, will go flying in all direction and can even damaged my character.

I heard many reason concerning this situation, mainly the FPS is going over 60, or that vsync is being disable.

I tried to install a mod called : FPS Limiter, but whenever its on my crash to desktop before it reach the main menu.

I also made sure that vsynx was installed by adding : iPresentInterval=1 in Skyrimpref.

Nothing changed so far and I am still experiencing the same things.

I switched from ps3 to pc because the game started lagging after a big save game but god this is even worst, and with all the items flying all over the place Im sure the same lag will eventualy appear on pc just like it did on the ps3.

Can someone perhaps point me in the right direction, if I did something wrong or forgot to do something.

Thank you very much

User Info: aiRWaLKRe

4 years ago#2
Ya the very dated gamebryo engine is known to start doing that, the engine did this in oblivion I don't know what causes it but it can start happening in a save game. Probably some bug that started hours befor hand in the save file that starts showing up later on. The engine is known for these kind of quirks.

Good luck with the problem
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User Info: Marikhen

4 years ago#3
Use tools like Riva Tuner, ATI TrayTools, or built-in frame rate settings in your GPU's driver's control panel to handle this. I don't know about AMD's current release drivers, but their latest beta release drivers support per application settings in an easy to use fashion letting you limit the frame rate on a per application basis.

Also, aiRWaLKRe, as far as I know the engine Skyrim uses is not dated at all, it's quite new. Of course it's still a Gamebryo which means its crap no matter how new it is, but it's not as dated as the version used in, for example, Rift, Oblivion, Fallout 3/NV, Requiem: Memento Mori, or many, many other games. That said it's not a bug, it's because the physics are linked to the frame rate and having frame rates in excess of either 60 FPS or your refresh rate (I don't know which) can result in Very Bad Things happening. It was entirely too easy to see it happen in Fallout 3 for me. It even showed up in Oblivion via the Morroblivion patch for me where one time I picked up an object from a table in the starting area and all the objects around me almost literally exploded in various directions.

If you want really lovely, and persistent, quirks with Gamebryo look at memory leaks, or at least long-term play resulting in persistent performance degradation of some sort. More specifically a lot of Gamebryo games have them and some developers don't even notice them right off the bat. Requiem: Memento Mori had a nasty one from the start of their open beta on up until almost two years after the game launched. Rift had one for almost six months as well.
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