Spawning outside of the carriage when starting a new game?

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  3. Spawning outside of the carriage when starting a new game?

User Info: Adolfric

4 years ago#1
So, after playing TF2 a while, I thought I'll play Skyrim again, so I uninstalled many mods I didn't like and installed other mods. Now, the problem is that I am spawning outside of the carriage when I start a new game, and it really bugs me out.

Load order:

Skyrim.esm Active
Update.esm Active
Dawnguard.esm Active
HearthFires.esm Active
Dragonborn.esm Active
SPIKE.esm Active
Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp Active
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp Active
Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp Active
Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.esp Active
Chesko_WearableLantern.esp Active
Chesko_WearableLantern_Guards.esp Active
Chesko_WearableLantern_Caravaner.esp Active
Immersive Battles.esp Active
Immersive Brigands.esp Active
Immersive Dragonborn.esp Active
Immersive Factions.esp Active
Immersive Mercenaries.esp Active
Immersive Patrols.esp Active
Immersive Travelers.esp Active
Immersive Werewolves.esp Active
Convenient Horses.esp Active
Chesko_LoreBasedLoadingScreens.esp Active
DYNAVISION Dynamic Depth of Field.esp Active
Footprints.esp Active
Footprints - Ash.esp Active
WetandCold.esp Active
WetandCold - Ashes.esp Active
SkyUI.esp Active
iHUD.esp Active
Cloaks.esp Active
Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp Active
1nivWICCloaks.esp Active
1nivWICSkyCloaksPatch.esp Active
hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp Active
HarvestOverhaulDawnguardDragonborn.esp Active
HarvestOverhaulCreaturesDawnguardHearthfireDragonborn.esp Active
Immersive Events.esp Active
BetterQuestObjectives.esp Active
Immersive Weapons.esp Active
SkaalKidAetaCoat.esp Active
TheChoiceIsYours.esp Active
TheChoiceIsYours_Dawnguard.esp Active
BetterQuestObjectives-TheChoiceIsYoursPatch.esp Active
SoS - The Dungeons.esp Active
SoS - The Wilds.esp Active
SoS - Civilization.esp Active
SoundPropagationOverhaul.esp Active
FootstepsSoundsOverhaul.esp Active
SoS - The Dungeons-PatchSPO.esp Active
SoS - The Wilds-PatchSPO.esp Active
SoS - Civilization-PatchSPO.esp Active
Brevi_MoonlightTales.esp Active
BetterQuestObjectives-MoonlightPatch.esp Active
LockpickingOverhaul4.esp Active
TTYM - Think to Yourself Messages.esp Active
WATER.esp Active
WATER Plants.esp Active
WATER DB Waves.esp Active
RavenRockExpanded.esp Active
RRGuardArmorFix.esp Active
ERSO 30 - Better Enemy AI Dawnguard&Dragonborn.esp Active
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User Info: JumpstyIe

4 years ago#2
just skip the intro scene. from the main menu open the console and type

coc whiteriverwatch01

then leave the cave and open the console and type


then make a character. if you don't want to start there, try whiterunorigin or riverwood or something. screw the intro.
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User Info: premier024

4 years ago#3
Just use live another life i cant see how people play thru that start every time they start a new game anyway.
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User Info: Buddy_Dacote

4 years ago#4

Fixed it for me.
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  3. Spawning outside of the carriage when starting a new game?

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