Destruction magic seems weak.

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  3. Destruction magic seems weak.

User Info: Oreos74

4 years ago#1
i have the midas and apocalypse spell pack mods too. The illusion and other trees are fine, but the destruction spells do **** damage, and cost too much magicka to be efficient in battle >___>

is it just my level? Im still level 27. Idk if magic damage scales with my level or not. Also have the balanced magic mod.

like for example, i slam a ****ing meteor on this bandit marauder and he only loses half his health, like wtf.

User Info: BowserCuffs

4 years ago#2
Make and drink potions that increase your destruction damage, that's how magic "scales" in this game. Destruction and Alchemy are pretty linked.

Balanced Magic ties the damage of your destruction to the perk ranks you have, too, so invest in perks.

Also, not a particular fan of Midas Magic - Apocalypse covers pretty much everything that Midas would.
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User Info: Oreos74

4 years ago#3
mmmm which path would be better for the destruction tree. Fire, ice, or lightning.

User Info: Bigj089

4 years ago#4
Up to you. Frost slows enemies and drains stamina, lightning hits instantly and drains magicka, and fire has a DoT effect to it that increases damage taken while theyre on fire.
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User Info: aiRWaLKRe

4 years ago#5
skytweak mod will let you set a scale number to your liking for any school plus many other features it offers worth getting to mod the way you want and not rely on various other mods that might not do exactly what you want
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User Info: Tai_Le_Ree

4 years ago#6
player.modav destuctionpowermod 200
This will make destuction magic 3 times as strong, the perfect amount for damage dealing
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User Info: Lvthn

4 years ago#7
If you think it's weak with balanced magic you should see it in vanilla.

In any case you can also get a mod to add +destruction damage enchantments to the game. Makes it more comparable to weapons in that regard.

User Info: myztikrice

4 years ago#8
Get behind an enemy and Glacial Spike your way to victory.
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User Info: taketheshoeoff

4 years ago#9
lower difficulty.
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User Info: monkmith

4 years ago#10
enchantment! enchant your stuff to reduce cost of spells. at this point my destruction magic costs nothing to cast, i burn my magic with a ward or some conjuration.
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  3. Destruction magic seems weak.

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