Bethesda seriously needs to stop this crap (Complaint list)

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User Info: createdforthis

4 years ago#1
I'm sorry but I don't care what anyone THINKS or says..This is unacceptable:

I am sick to death of Bethesda releasing things with NO EXPLANATIONS on how to access and or use the things in their game. I'm also sick and tired of people after they read things like this Still having the testicular fortitude to blame the player instead of Bethesda.

Players shouldn't ever have to look up anything on this entire list under any circumstances...there is absolutely no reason that Bethesda did not explain anything on this list this and there is especially no valid reason a player should be looking anything up that's on this list...NONE

Anyone that says Google it, watch a video visit forums, the wiki, and or use any 3rd party information...why shouldn't players have to do any of that is very simple.....Bethesda made it, so Bethesda needs to be explaining it...END OF DISCUSSION ON THAT...there is no excuse any player can come up with and or say that will ever justify Bethesda doing this. Despite what Players think, players are not at fault in the slightest for not knowing how to do anything on this list, Bethesda is and that's the only thing that needs to be said.
Now on with the list..

You Should have included in game instructions with all of these things Bethesda, This isn't fun it's frigging highly annoying and aggravating! And no I won't look anything up on this list on how to do it..You're going to explain how to use your stuff and not pawn off the responsibility to anyone else.


Bethesda say you can reset your skills to 15, so why after turning on Legendary mode in the options menu does my level 57 still have all his skills at the same exact level they were before this supposed patch? In fact nothing has changed at all.

Bethesda is supposed to explain exactly how to to this in the game. Anyone that even hints to blame a player for not knowing this one, is dumb..


Continued Below:
(message deleted)

User Info: createdforthis

4 years ago#3
Continued from above


With the exception of the Vampire Faction in Dawnguard, Every faction in Skyrim can be joined simply by going directly to the leader of said faction and by selecting join (Insert Faction) you become part of that faction, and locking you out from being able to join the opposing faction Which is why you cannot join both the Stormcloaks and the imperials at the same time, same with the Batteborne and the companions at the same time, you have to pick on or the other, and once you select join (insert faction) that's the faction you belong to, so a player who wants to join the Battleborn would not click JOIN Companions when it shows up in the dialog option same with the Stomcloaks and the imperials.

Now you apply that procedure to Dawnguard, because of how joining factions are set up in the main game of Skyrim, if you want to join the Vampire faction then no player in their right mind who wants to be a pure vampire WILL EVER NEVER EVEN TALK TO THE DAWNGUARD AT ALL never mind click Join Dawnguard when asked the first time you go talk to them.

Every faction in Skyrim has a leader you can go talk to right from the start that has the option to JOIN (INSERT FACTION) that when you select you become part of that faction...All except Except the Vampire faction leader in Dawnguard which is impossible to know how to get to them..

And for anyone who says just do the first couple of dawn guard quests, clearly didn't read this too well or understand how faction joining in Skyrim actually works because that entails clicking JOIN DAWNGUARD which you would never do just being a pure vampire...because of how faction joining has been working and done all along in Skyrim clicking JOIN (INSERT FACTION) WOULD LOCK YOU OUT OF THE OPPOSING FACTION which in this case the Vampire no you wouldn't ever do the first couple of quests in dawnguard for those valid reasons. Anyone who said they did, had no interest in ever joining the vampire faction in dawnguard, because You never click join (Insert faction if you're trying to join the opposing you never talk to the opposing faction leader to join the opposing faction..>Example..You don't talk to the Leader of the Stormcloaks if you want to join the Imperials...Which is the exact same thing as saying you talked to the Dawnguard leader to join the Vampire faction...

Way to break the faction joining procedure Bethesda.


Install the DLC, start the game..Get into the game and start playing.....

Waiting....Waiting....Waiting...Waiting.....Waiting....Waiting...Still waiting...Still waiting...Waits more....(10 minutes later) Waiting...waiting.. (Waits a few in game days) Waiting....Waiting...(Maybe I should actually sleep (Sleeps for 24 hours) playing again ...Waiting....Waiting...(Sleeps for 72 in game) Waiting...Waiting...Waiting....Opens Map...(Nothing there) Waiting...Waiting...Since it doesn't work and there is no way to know anything about it due to Bethesda's fail there is only one thing left to do......Exit game...disables Hearthfire DLC (Since it's not doing anything anyway) Launches game again, --- Game is exactly the same.

Gets refund for DLC that didn't come with instructions.


When Bethesda includes instructions, I'll repurchase it..Until then I don't want the headache.

Bethesda you need to start explaining how to use/access/activate your stuff

User Info: TheRunner PD

TheRunner PD
4 years ago#4
No one post.
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User Info: thor23

4 years ago#5
I'm sorry but I don't care what anyone THINKS or says.

User Info: SlashmanSG

4 years ago#6

Hehehe, I was wondering where you went Matt.
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User Info: BowserCuffs

4 years ago#7
Oh, this again.
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User Info: createdforthis

4 years ago#8
Well considering no player can argue against this and can only put Player preference as a reason which cannot be used when it comes to what Bethesda is supposed to explain.

Yes I don't care what anyone says or thinks because preference has no place in this and usually that's all anyone can add to this.

And what do you mean THIS again? Obviously if you say THIS again, obviously other people also had some or all of these same exact issues, which proves and backs up what I said. Bethesda needs to start explaining their crap

User Info: Darksteel

4 years ago#9
Maybe the Elder Scroll series isn't for you...

You checked out Hello Kitty Island Adventure? I hear its pretty easy for newer players to pick up.
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User Info: Jules Rules

Jules Rules
4 years ago#10
You must be the only person in the world who says this game needs MORE hand holding. We already have too much for a game of its genre.

Go read up on if you're that bothered. You can dismiss third party guides/info as much as you want, but this is Skyrim where you should do most things on your own, not some linear game.
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