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User Info: Tmoney222

5 years ago#1
Has anyone heard what the anti-gravity ability will do in the Colossal Mayhem DLC pack? Will it function like a power or something? I haven't seen any footage or anything of it from people who managed to get the DLC early.

User Info: Kuronii

5 years ago#2
It allows your glides (after the first one) to be floatier. Like, you'll get more loft to them.

Wait. Nope. Sorry, I got that mixed up with Weightless. I don't know what it does, either. :/
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User Info: dukedubz

5 years ago#3

If anyone has the DLC early (i know some people were able to activate it before it got taken down off sony's marketplace), please post some youtube footage of anti-gravity and air time.

User Info: Tmoney222

5 years ago#4
Yeah there's another ability in the DLC that is called "Air Time' that does something like. I've heard anti-gravity field generates a localized anti-gravity field around you.....go figure, but I didn't know if there was anymore info on it.


5 years ago#5
I've used it, it causes enemies that were knocked into the air to float.

There is also the Warp Vortex that makes it so any throw object or person causes a tornado like occurrence at the point of impact that swirls everything in the area and blows them away. Pretty funny stuff.

User Info: Tmoney222

5 years ago#6
Oh nice. Is there an option to turn anti-gravity on/off? Or is is permanent once it's downloaded?

User Info: Jagglenuttz

5 years ago#7
Does warp vortex stack with bio bomb? That would be awesome if you had tendrils pulling everything into a vortex that blasted everything away.

User Info: Ultima_Weapon11

5 years ago#8
god i hope so that would be epic
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5 years ago#9
Yes the anti-gravity can be toggled on and off and yes a bio-bomb/vortex can occur if you want.

User Info: ArabAl

5 years ago#10
Hey Fox, would you be able to record any gameplay of the the 4 mutations?
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