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User Info: jbtilley

5 years ago#1
Prototype 2: F*** F*** F*** F*** F*** F***

The amount of swearing in this game is flat out ridiculous. I don't think there's a single line of dialog recorded that doesn't include the f-bomb. Most lines have multiple f-bombs.

Swearing for the sake of swearing... I guess that's what they think makes for a mature game.

Scientist 1: "Could you hand me the file?"
Scientist:2: "I f***ing hate f***ing files. F*** files."
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User Info: jude1974

5 years ago#3
No kidding~~this reason alone makes him one of the most annoying game characters I've ever played with, and I do say Eff a lot, so it's not like I have a problem with saying the word.

Even with all the complaints about Mercer being "too quiet", or not having enough personality, he's still got a ton more than Heller in the first game. On top of that the original Mercer (Not the big nosed joke they made him in this game) just simply had the best outfit, best moves, and better everything else.

And wtf happened with the story anyway....I swear whoever wrote it didn't even play the first Prototype. People can argue all they want that Mercer was actually nothing more than the virus, which is mostly true, except for the end when he flies a bomb away to save the city when he easily could have just broke out himself and left. There was obviously some semblance of humanity in him left, whereas if he was just the virus, it would be all consuming and wouldn't care.

Graphics are slightly better, and there is a better feel of depth and height with the taller buildings. The leaping grab is cool as well as an addition. Pretty much everything else though was garbage, and even on insane difficulty, a child could beat this game. No challenge at all unlike Prototype 1, where the last boss on the hardest difficulty was more of a fight and you actually felt like you accomplished something when beating it.

User Info: Maxim_Nighthawk

5 years ago#4
The swearing is indeed distracting. In bulletstorm it was used in a funny and comical way, but here its just been added for shock value and takes itself way to seriously.
A frue Lufia 2 fan

User Info: Reinez0001

5 years ago#5
Well what did you expect - the main character looks like a retired football player and one of the primary antagonists is the U.S. military.

I did like Mercer's character though he was pretty different from how he was in the first game.

User Info: JamieK1981

5 years ago#6
21st century language guys, you can't really complain about it, not sure why it has the raiting it has to be honest, the violence in it, is quite tame compared to what i am used to.

User Info: warpedo

5 years ago#7
I thought it got a little hilarious. Whenever my friends would ask me what I'm doing, I would say, "I'm playing Proto-F***ing-type."

User Info: Xjph

5 years ago#8
I know several people who swear as often as, if not more than, this game. If you think this is a lot then you're pretty sheltered. - Too Much Steam In Too Little Space
Playing all my Steam games, at long last.

User Info: Taiora

5 years ago#9
He's a soldier, who are known for being potty mouths out in the field. Coupled with the fact that he's no longer human, his wife's dead, and his daughter is god knows where, as well as the fact that none of this is his fault would make him pretty pissed.

Be honest, anybody in Heller's shoes would have just snapped and killed everything around him.
I have a habit of killing topics I post in. Completely unintentional.

User Info: Reinez0001

5 years ago#10
I know if I was in a military I'd be cursing like a sailor.
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