Locations of the Fell Beasts?

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User Info: rknowin

5 years ago#1
Any idea where i cna find them? i found one in the abandoned mines and alrdy fought a big bear thing. Dont know where the others are.

User Info: Xendyl

5 years ago#2
Kratos1173 posted...
I'll just list them I guess:
Jude's is in Northwestern Baamia Valley
Milla's is from the boss in the Tataaru Dark Hole at the end of the dungeon.
Alvin's is in Zaira Forest, right when you exit from the Church at Zaira.
Elise's is in the Southeast Sogd Wetlands (on a cliff, you have to go around from the northern map).
Rowen's is in the Helioborg base at the top where you fight Volt earlier.
Leia's is in the Baikaaru Abandoned Mines in the first area.
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User Info: Hikari62

5 years ago#3
Their locations are in both sidequest/subevent guides :/
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  3. Locations of the Fell Beasts?

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