Sub Quest help, what am i missing? **May contain Spoilers**

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  3. Sub Quest help, what am i missing? **May contain Spoilers**

User Info: MaximzMcdohl

4 years ago#1
ok im confused the title for sub quests says im at 78...and i am but i can figure out what im missing even after reading the list on the site i put below.

here's what i've done so far:

The Devil's Beasts
The Gathering Miasma
The Devil Beast Attacks
The History of Auj oule
Gaius the King
The Shape of Our World
The Aftermath
Mother and Child
Those who act in the shadow
Balan's Bet
Reawakened Memories
What lies in memory
Pretty and Pink
Anticipated reunion
Love-fevered visions
The Two Generals
Take over fort gandala
Leia's Failure
Memories of Leronde
Spiritual Arte Failure
Rowen's Honor
Leia's Disappearance
Homing Instinct
Jiao and Wingul
The library of orda palace
The origin of Spyrite
Sustaining Anxiety
Rumors of Elympios
A life in shackles
The Cycle of rieze maxia
The cause of shifting spirit climes
The Cycle of Elympios
The Myth of Maxwell
Muzet Attacks
The Message
Professor Haus' Research
The Spread of the Spyrix
The Otherworld Reactor Plan
And the winner is...
From the Position of Authority
Real talk
Poetry and dictionaries
The edge of the world
The Runaways
The Monster lies
Fruit Seller
The Legendary Flavor
Find the Villagers
It does a body good
The Mystery of Dodurians
Offerings for Milla
Incoming Monster
Something Tasty
The Amazing Bounty Hunter
The Femme Fatale
Special Delivery to the inn
The Sad Salesman
Orange Soup
Travel Protection
The Elder's Plea
Heavy Metal Collector
Beat the Bandits
Buried Treasure
Spirit Clime Trouble
The Topknot Master
The Wandering Youth
Potent potions of the kitarl clan
Punish the poachers
Survival of the Fittest
Runaway rappig
Monsters in the cave
Year end Sell-off
Doing research for a report
A message to the Fortress
Hunt Down the Shadow Stalkers
A Bold new Recipe
The Inventor king

That gives a total of 78 DONE

i have 2 that are under way: Jet black Feathers and The Lost Transcendental Ring.

and from the list thats been given here :

the only ones i see that i failed to get are these:

the people of hamil
Spirit fossil husk
Military secrets
The Mystery of the Gorge
Clinics archives
Millia's pendant
Sister hood
Judes Subtitute
The Aspyrixis
Infiltrate the research center
Jiao's Demise
Wither the Wyvern

which is a total of 12 so i'm confused if theres a total of 102 sub events and i missed 12 thats 90 and i have 2 under way i should be at 88 ...what are the other 10 that i missed i can't seem to figure it out unless a combination of "The Lost Transcendental Ring" and getting to/fighting the magnus zero triggers like 10 other sub events ...idk i just can't figure out what i'm missing. if im going to do another run through the game since i only did jude's story and i want to do millia's but i just want to know what other sub quests am i missing before i do millia's so that i dont miss them on her run through.

User Info: ConfinedU

4 years ago#2
there is 102 TOTAL sub events
99 for jude side
97 for milla

you must get at least 90

i used that site to but noticed it was missing a lot of stuff this covers everything and in order to

User Info: MaximzMcdohl

4 years ago#3
AH HA! that helped ok so considering the 12 that i said i missed if i minus those from the 99 and not 102 thats 87 then minus the 2 that are still under way thats 85... and i found out which ones i was missing

Rumors about jude
Cline and Driselle
Millia and books
Teepo back in action

and than i still have the Golden mage knight that i havent done THATS what i was missing thank you~ darn..i might end up re-playing jude's just so i can watch some of those >.> LOL
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  3. Sub Quest help, what am i missing? **May contain Spoilers**

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