Mysterious Orb locations?

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User Info: KeelZeibel

3 years ago#1
Been through a few of the FAQs, but I'm struggling to make sense of them as the only ones that have MO locations are based on the Japanese versions of the game, and truth be told between localization issues and poor wording it's a struggle to find some of them.

I've found 9 so far, but just wondering if anyone has a list of where they all are? I can't remember which locations I got some from, although I know I got the one in the house in Xian Du, the one from killing the Veywind Eye, and the one in Hamil you get during the story.

So if anyone could help,. please? :D

User Info: Xarius478

3 years ago#2
I don't know of an English resource, but this guide has a list and it's not too hard to decipher:

User Info: k69Degrees

3 years ago#3
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