Is Xillia a right direction for the franchise as a whole?

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User Info: Roog2

4 years ago#1
Hello everyone, just finished the game not too long ago and just wanted to get other opinions on the future of the Tales of Series as a whole.

Did/do you like the direction the Xillia saga(both games) has set the franchise in?

The new open world concept(Hopefully better in X2 but that's besides the point). Would you like to see further games expand on this? Or go back to the old style of "Tales of" world maps?

The crawling, (Although repetative) was a nice little feature implemented into a Tales game.

As an overall package, is the music, battle system, landscape, and stories of ToX saga enough to set the franchise in a grand direction in your opinion?
If not, what do you think should vastly change about the series? What would you think the ideal 'Breakthough' Tales of game would look like?
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User Info: ToveriJuri

4 years ago#2
Well I never liked Overworlds to begin with. They feel like a filler. It's a trick to make the game seem bigger, less linear and to create some artificial exploration.

User Info: DragoonGriffith

4 years ago#3

I might like Xillia a lot, but I definitely don't want future games follow its example in gameplay and environments.

Gameplay is getting a bit stale. Good thing Xillia 2 mixes that a bit up with better weakness system, Arowcell Orb and sidestep. Still a no to other games following it.

Environments are some of the most lazy I've ever seen in a console JRPG since the PS2 era.
Then again, I've been playing both Xillias and Xillia localized and in JP, so maybe that's why I'm sick of seeing the same thing over and over again.

In any case, Namco needs to take a long hard look at DQVIII or FFXII on how to do fields and overworld.
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User Info: TAoR

4 years ago#4
A mediocre, albeit fun, game with good ideas but meh execution and rushed out so it couldn't even include everything the devs wanted to?

Ehhhhh not really. Xillia 2 on the other hand yeah.

Ya know if they stop repeating environments and axe the whole bosses can't be combo'd (even though Xillia 2 makes it less dumb thanks to the weakness thing).

User Info: AmadeIstar

4 years ago#5
I like it. I think you put it nicely.
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User Info: Zaigou

4 years ago#6
I like the game in the sense that it does a lot of things well.

Instant travelling is available to you very early on. Combat emphasizes teamwork and companionship which is what Tales have been all about. Not to mention that each character brings something new to the table with their own personal abilities and Link skills, while instant switching mid-combat is a very welcome addition (sadly, I hear they take this away and the ability to edit your party outside of a town). Gathering materials has never been easier and you using said materials for shop levels and better items is a very nice change.

However, some things could have been done better. The Lilium Orbs, while allowing you to basically grow your characters as you see fit can lead to problems. Like for example trying to get that one key node, only to discover the next had moved to the opposite side, making you waste GP correcting it. Dungeons feel a little too linear and not much exploration is to be had. I am not asking for labyrinths, but a little more beyond "push crate" and "jump on seal" would have been appreciated.

All in all, I think Xillia is a positive direction, though not without a few bumps along the way. Hopefully the next (not Xillia 2) will take the positives of this game and expand on it.
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User Info: cruel_death

4 years ago#7
The last few Tales games I've played have had different variations on the series which were Vesperia, Graces f and Xillia. Graces f and Xillia axed the open world in favor for these regions, although it makes it feel bigger in a way I like the world map even though quick travel is a lot more convenient then using a world map. Overall I like the experimenting they do in each game for better or worse mostly because it feels somewhat refreshing with every game I play and that they not afraid to try new things.

User Info: Arc166

4 years ago#8
DragoonGriffith posted...
I definitely don't want future games follow its example in gameplay and environments.

User Info: TehAssasin

4 years ago#9
Few grips I have with the game.

-Too many copy-pasted locations.
-Dungeons are too boring and uninteresting.
-Too many recycled musics.
-Lack of interesting sidequests and contents.
-Too easy to break the game/lack of difficulty.
-Shop upgrading system leaves a lot to be desired.

Other than these, I think it generally brings Tales towards a decent direction with many neat ideas and additions. Future titles need to be less rushed and enhanced based on what they learn from Xillia.
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User Info: Ampharos64

4 years ago#10
Hmm, well, the flow of the story is a lot better (not perfect though) and the characters are less anime-ish, I'm relieved to see they can still do that. The world itself is rather interesting, too, there seems to be quite a bit of detail put into it. The villains are apparently rather sympathetic, which is common for Tales - but I think we've had a lot of especially sympathetic villains lately, who even come round to the protagonists' POV. So I feel it's rather time for a change there, while continuing to make their motives understandable, of course.

I really don't like fields, but having them be larger at least means the world doesn't feel small, as Graces' world did, to me. I want the world map back, though, and won't be happy without it. As an experiment I'll accept it for one game, but if it were to go more in the open world direction I'd be likely to stop playing, I find them extremely boring.
Hate the motion sickness inducing movable camera, I liked the fixed views, and I'd take that over pop-in and more bland environments any day. I don't expect Tales to have the most technically impressive graphics, but I'll be less forgiving if it doesn't improve next entry, parts of a character's outfit should not constantly be clipping through the rest of their model, for instance.

In theory I don't mind the shop system, but then again I'm so surprised every time I find more interesting loot in a chest, it reminds me how much I miss it. I'm also left completely unsure what gear I should have - I think I may actually be underequipped. Not a bad idea, doesn't work as executed.

The battle system is really smooth, that aspect of it is great. I feel it's one of the better ones in some regards, yet it's marred by rather inadequate AI, both enemy and ally. I wonder if they paid so much attention to the linked behaviour it suffered in that regard, but even that isn't perfect, it'd be nice if allies showed some awareness of where an enemy is about to attack instead of following me straight into it as I dodge. It's annoying, because there's some things about it that are really nice, yet to me there's more aspects than there were in past games that are unnecessarily 'why didn't they fix this?' frustrating. I feel like the TP and AC doesn't work as a happy medium, I'm never going to like CC/AC systems though.

The music is a great improvement, much more distinctive sounding than the last few games (not that they haven't still had tracks I liked), what with the Asian inspired themes and the violin on Milla's side.

Some of the user's probably a good thing. I'm not happy with it, though, and yeah, I know it's kinda unreasonable of me. Fast transport would make more sense if they had a vehicle, for instance - that's my problem with added user friendliness, it often adds a greater sense of artificiality - how am I supposed to feel like I'm talking to people if they have a exclamation mark above them? I don't, it feels like exactly what it is, activating a quest trigger. Anyway, it's just pandering to impatient modern gamers who think they should actually be able to find sidequests. ; )

So a bit of both, good as a direction for the series in some ways, not so much in others, and some is of course down to (reasonable or otherwise) personal preference.
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