Think of your favorite game and compare it to your favorite Tales game

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  3. Think of your favorite game and compare it to your favorite Tales game

User Info: DragoonGriffith

4 years ago#1
Mention what game it is, what you like about it better...etc.

If your fave game happens to be a Tales, choose the next fave which isn't a Tales.
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User Info: Zombies_Online

4 years ago#2
Wild Arms 5. Greg Russelberg, baby. Crush those golems. Punch Kartikeya right in the nuts and bolts.

I just loved everything about that game. I thought every character was likable, even the loli and psychopathic villains. Not to mention I wanna invite Avril over to play some Twister. Right hand on green? You'd better f****** believe it.

Main character also had a fair amount of development too, as well as a crazy motor powered unicycle thing. Oh and those god d*** giant robot battles. Hnnng~!

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Shun Goku Satsuma 4 years ago#4
Soul Calibur 2 :x

Actually somewhat similar to Tales battle system (without any RPG elements).
In particular Tales of Graces.
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User Info: KarateChopin

4 years ago#5
Xenoblade and Xillia 2. Xillia 2 for everything except world design. Xenoblade is unmatched in that category. Absolutely beautiful world

User Info: Amuro_Ray00

4 years ago#6
Xenoblade in comparison to TotA...

I really like both a lot actually. I think in terms of story they are pretty much on par with each other, both had fanfreakintastic stories. I suppose I'd give the edge to Xenoblade for the overall presentation plus the battle system not being as vanilla as Abyss.

Still both games are just incredible and I'd replay them both in a heartbeat if my backlog wasn't so massive right now.

User Info: xfreebird

4 years ago#7
I can't actually decide on one favorite game, but I have 3 games (2 old school plataformers - Sonic 3 and Knuckles and the first DKC - and a JRPG - Chrono Trigger) that stand out.

I grew up playing old school plataformers and I still play them today. Picking a 2D Sonic game is hard because I like them all a lot, so I picked the most challenging one. And something about the first DKC just feels special, I think it's a game that flows better than the other two DKC's and also has the best soundtrack.

And Chrono Trigger, oh boy. The first RPG I bothered to 100%. The time traveling elements and the multiple endings were implemented flawlessly. I mean, (Chrono Trigger spoilers) the Final Boss can be defeated pretty much anytime the player wants without even having to go through the whole thing and the endings worked like "What would happen if I destroyed Lavos right now? How would the world turn out?". For example, if you destroy Lavos before Magus's Castle the ending is Frog and Magus having a battle to the death with an unknown winner. If you destroy Lavos immediately after Magus's Castle the world gets taken over by that reptile race I forgot the name because you didn't go through the events of 65,000,000 BC. And it also has its fair share of gag endings. (end of Chrono Trigger spoilers) It also has one of my favorite soundtracks. The only "flaw" is the dated gameplay, but hey, it's a SNES game!

And my favorite Tales game, out of the ones I played, is Graces F. The thing that attracted me to the series is the gameplay and Graces F excels at that with perfect dodging, CC and the weakness system. There are stuff that other Tales games I played did better than Graces F but the gameplay is that huge of a factor to me.
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User Info: -BrokenSpiral-

4 years ago#8
Hard to choose between Jak 1, Ape Escape, and Sly 2...and I'm probably missing some candidates.

User Info: Sengroth

4 years ago#9
Xenoblade, i just love Satorl Marsh at Night. Never had any Game touched me more in this regard.
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User Info: Zombies_Online

4 years ago#10

So apparently I didn't follow the rules, which clearly state to compare your favorite game to your favorite TALES game. Apparently I chose to mindlessly gush about Wild Arms 5 instead. And apparently several other people have followed suit because I'm such a bad influence or something.

Suck my toes.

My favorite Tales game, of the whopping three that I've played, was Vesperia. Clearly it's better than any of the others because I liked it the most. Try arguing with that logic, jerks.

If I were to try and quantify it, comparing everything from graphics to music to characters and story, Vesperia would probably come out on top. I honestly can't think of anything that WA5 necessarily did better; I just like it more.

I guess it's like eating pus...ahem. Pizza for the first time. It's sooooo f****** good. But then it gets routine and familiar. It's never gonna have that "magic" it did the first time, no matter how much better it might be.

So yeah, free bump for Dragoon and a free wall of text for the rest of you a** h**** because I was too smashed to follow the rules the first time.
Gotta have you on my wall.
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  3. Think of your favorite game and compare it to your favorite Tales game

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