Let's have a MATURE discussion about what can make Tales AAA series

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User Info: xJubezx

4 years ago#1
In the US at least, obviously these games are gargantuan in Japan. Although not all of us can say ToX is the best, as far as critics are concerned the general consensus was that this series is on the cusp of greatness, but there are some flaws holding it back. What're some small things Namco/Bandai could change that could make a big difference.

I have 2 suggestions/criticisms:

1. There was way too much laziness in ToX. The most recolors I have ever seen in any game, very little enemy properties (only elemental basically). No final dungeon, and the EX-Dungeon is just old areas with the contrast lowered and every fight is 15 frames per second. The dungeons were meh and pretty clear cut (at least Graces had puzzles out of pity). It just seems that in Tales games you're either on the field, or in battle. Never do they have to give you a new set of controls to do a task (remember the turtle thingy in Star Ocean 3 in the cave? Or doing the acting as Zidane in FFIX..what happened to this kind of stuff!?)

2. Better cinematics. Why even show the sniper when -youknowwho- gets killed? If the arrow had just appeared right before the handshake it would have been much more epic. Also, the characters are not physical enough with each other. Why don't they push each other when they're super heated and so on, it helps to express the emotion. And of course, more anime cut scenes!
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User Info: ChaozCloud

4 years ago#2
How about we don't ruin the tales series by making it into AAA.
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User Info: Amuro_Ray00

4 years ago#3
Most of these things involve a bigger budget which unfortunately they aren't in much control of.

User Info: Arc166

4 years ago#4
Actually bringing them all over here. It's not gonna be super big here until people know they will get the games.

Stop re-using the same damned plots every goddamn game.

Stop being lazy.

Not remaking games all the time.

Stop pumping them out so fast even the biggest dumbass in the world will realize how samey and half-assed they are.

Pretty much.

User Info: laharl81

4 years ago#5
1 - Blood,blood and more blood during cutscenes. It's ridiculous when a character gets sliced and all you see is a slash animation and the soldier has no visible injury.

2 - Keep the over the top cheesiness to skits, sidequests and victory chants, don't let it affect the main plot

3 - More well choreographed cutscenes, it seems the team was slowly working out the kinks with motion capture during this game, so it will most likely be fixed by the next one

4 - Keep the same graphics style, but work out the kinks

5 - Puzzles in dungeons, a bit of minigames

6 - Graces' style shift battle system

User Info: darkzero16

4 years ago#6
Graphics and less anime inspired. With maybe a dash of blood or some other form of eye opener during fight scenes

I know people that would like it to be more action/hackslash based. (As in you fight enemies right when you see them as oppose to touching them to initiate a battle in an isolated zone)

Just throwing more well known ideas out of the way first.
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User Info: StarStormScream

4 years ago#7
It's hard to say. Tales' has made it pretty clear they're going to cater to their domestic fanbase first, and it should be that way considering how big it is there. So I'm not going to expect them to change to cater to the West.

Hell, that's what Capcom has been doing lately, and I wish they'd stop since they have no clue what us Westerners want.

Still, the number one thing I'd ask from the series at this point: Can we have a straight-up, evil villain for once? I understand the series loves to play with the moral gray antagonist, or even lately with the antagonist that has the same beliefs but the methodology is what causes you to butt heads. But man, would it kill you guys to have an M. Bison or Hazama running the show for the baddies.
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User Info: Phaild

4 years ago#8
And of course, more anime cut scenes!

If anything, Tales needs less of anime in everything it does.
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User Info: Havic101

4 years ago#9
darkzero16 posted...
less anime inspired

"COme. Let uS aLL eXPresS Our feeliNgs."

User Info: Havic101

4 years ago#10
I apologize. This is supposed to be a MATURE discussion. What I did there was not mature in the slightest.

What I meant was that I do not believe they will move away from being Anime inspired. It seems to be one of the cornerstones of the francise.
"COme. Let uS aLL eXPresS Our feeliNgs."
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