Which button do you use for attacking and which one for artes?

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  3. Which button do you use for attacking and which one for artes?

User Info: Rizaadon007

3 years ago#1
topic title - Results (45 votes)
X for attacking, O for artes
75.56% (34 votes)
O for attacking, X for artes
20% (9 votes)
Other - I like to be different.
4.44% (2 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I prefer using O for attacking and X for artes, because that's the way I'm used to them being from playing Phantasia, Eternia, Abyss, and Vesperia. I got used to it being the other way around in Graces f, but that's only one where that style works for me.
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User Info: Etherealist

3 years ago#2
My first PlayStation-based Tales game was a Japanese import, so I've always opted to use the circle button for normal attacks.
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User Info: beautheschmo

3 years ago#3
Both, I guess, I just go with whatever is default, for the most part.

It does present a bit of a problem when I'm trying to juggle multiple games at once, though. Like right now, I'm trying to juggle NDX, Rebirth (when I'm traveling for work) and Xillia 2 (when I have time at home). I switched Xillia 2 to English standards since I just played through X1, but haven't fiddled with Rebirth or NDX, so most of my gaming sessions start with me emptying half my TP pool/emptying all my FGs before I remember that they are set differently.
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User Info: Milla_Maxwell

3 years ago#4
I usually leave it as default, except in the case of when I buy a game twice.

Symphonia: A = Attack, B = Techs

Abyss: X = Attack, O = Artes

Graces... you can't change it

Vesperia 360 I changed because having B as normal attacks is just wrong... B should never be normal attacks.

Vesperia PS3 I changed to match Abyss

Xillia (jpn) I left as default (and changed it to match the Japanese Default when the English version came out.)
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User Info: peter_888

3 years ago#5
x for attack and o for artes
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User Info: Red Haze

Red Haze
3 years ago#6
fresh button
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User Info: Arc166

3 years ago#7
The default.

User Info: VeghEsther

3 years ago#8
I prefer the American button set up that's why when I played FF7 in English that uses the Japanese setup of O = accept command and X = Cancel I had to change it to X = Accept and O = Cancel.

So once I do play on buying Xillia if X isn't already used for normal attacks and O isn't used for Artes by default I'll reverse the 2 buttons since I find it easier to use Ares = O and X = normal hits.

However if a tales of game doesn't use the L1 or R1 + O button for artes shortcut keys I will change it to use them that way.

NDX is too easy 100% job class mastery = Mel and Dio at levels over 150 (and the max level is 200) yet I still used X = fight command and O = spells/artes for its controls.

Once all jobs in NDX are mastered I let Dio use the jobs that are basically the Guy/Reid/LLoyd/Cless Artes setup let Mel be in a magic attack class job and use Cless and Mint my final 2 NDX party members.

User Info: Havic101

3 years ago#9
I use O for normal attacks. Probably because of Phantasia.
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