Are Gaius and Milla amazing?

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User Info: Zombies_Online

3 years ago#1
Shut up and answer the question! - Results (286 votes)
Yes! They're both totally amazing.
27.97% (80 votes)
Gaius is amazing, but not Milla.
11.54% (33 votes)
Milla is amazing, but not Gaius.
12.59% (36 votes)
No! Neither of them is amazing.
5.59% (16 votes)
Muzet is amazing.
5.94% (17 votes)
Teepo is amazing.
10.14% (29 votes)
Cows are amazing.
6.99% (20 votes)
Zombies_Online is amazing.
3.85% (11 votes)
I'm scared and I need an adult.
9.44% (27 votes)
5.94% (17 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I will lay this argument to rest once and for all!

Because real friends don't let friends fight friends. Unless they're naked.
At the zombie dance, nobody moves.

User Info: buffy720

3 years ago#2
It was almost a tie between the cows and you, Zombies, but you won the amazing award in the end.

And I'm behaving myself and staying away from the other topic now. *sneaks off*
Official Luke fon Fabre Defender.
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User Info: drunkmuggle

3 years ago#3
I vote Zombines

User Info: DGM09

3 years ago#4
Where's Tiger Festival?

User Info: Muzet

3 years ago#5
You know I think so.

User Info: Martel568

3 years ago#6
Cows are amazing
I want a Xerneas but instead of that I have an Yveltal but there were no X copies anymore! :'( I need Xerneas or I'll die D:

User Info: Teepo_of_Xillia

3 years ago#7
I love you Zombies! I'm sorry about this...

User Info: xYaDSx_Resolve

3 years ago#8
Other(All of the above)

Cows are great free milk.

Teepo is a blast just speaking someones mind.

Muzet I like her design and she just wants to be loved and don't we all.

Zombies_online is amazing because...............I don't want to be eaten.

Milla + -Milla + Gaius - Gaius= I think their both okay in there own way. Nothing notably spectacular based on their character.

Yes I'm scared and need an adult because a Zombie made this topic their learning. *cowers*
Official lurker of Neogaf,
Not elite enough to join

User Info: Zombies_Online

3 years ago#9
@ Buffy - Heh. Yeah, I'm sure it was a real nailbiter! Love you, too.

@ Drunky - And I vote you n' me get drunk. Err, drunker. More drinky. Yes.

@ DMX - Tiger Festival was disqualified 'cause more than one person used the name. Now they're gonna hafta battle inside a steel cage to determine who gets sole ownership.

@ Muzet - Yo! ...I got the hots for your sister, but she's totally oblivious. Whaddya say you n' me direct-tether and make her jealous, huh? Huh?

@ Martel - Agreed. They eat grass, throw it back up, then eat it all over again. They're about the most versatile animal on the planet.

@ Teepo - No worries, little buddy. Now stop apologizin' and slap me some face! Face to face. Mouth to mouth.

@ Yads - Hey, don't worry, bro; I ain't gonna eat ya. Not yet anyway.
At the zombie dance, nobody moves.

User Info: Yuber8900

3 years ago#10
Note enough Agria is amazing or I am amazing. Thread voted 1.
"All hail the almighty Yuber, God of the Underworld!" - AmandaKimmel
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