Should I play this first or Graces f?

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  3. Should I play this first or Graces f?

User Info: HakuMan111386

3 years ago#1
I know that the games are unrelated to each-other, but what do you think? I own both. I have Xillia 2 too. Haven't started them yet.

User Info: Geit

3 years ago#2
Why did you get Xillia 2 if you haven't played the first yet?

The Graces battle system is rather polarizing. Some people hate it and some people love it. Maybe play a few hours of Graces first?

If it's not doing it for you, then switch to Xillia and finish it, then play Xillia 2.
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User Info: TrueBlue91

3 years ago#3
Who hates Graces' battle system? I thought it was universally considered the best.
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User Info: Kirutaru

3 years ago#4
Xilia was hard for me to get into because I enjoyed Graces battles so much.

I felt Xilia battles were sluggish and boring by comparison.
It was a obstacle to my interest in the game.
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User Info: LagoonTheCursed

3 years ago#5
Play Xillia first simply because Graces is better (content-wise, and imo character-wise), and it'll be underwhelming if you go with Graces first.
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User Info: Rygon

3 years ago#6
When I played Graces f I was thinking I was over the Tales series and these stories are pretty lame. I got Xillia because of a crazy sale for like $7 and after I beat that Tales became on of my favorite JRPG series and I snatched up a few I missed and replayed some older ones, too.

User Info: RinkuTanuki

3 years ago#7
Graces is weird. It has some of the best gameplay the series has to offer; but at the same time it has some of the worst writing and characters, outside of the f arc.

Basically, that's a game to throw in if you want to have some cool fights. Xillia has some twists that make it a much more engaging story, even if it all does sort of fall apart in the end.
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User Info: Geit

3 years ago#8
Yeah, don't expect any real dark secrets or major plot twists with your Graces party.

The biggest thing that happens is when Hubert returns and he's a badass while Asbel is still a goon but compared to other Tales plots, Graces is really tame with the story.
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  3. Should I play this first or Graces f?

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