SO or To? :)

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User Info: RUHNEB

3 years ago#1
topic. :) for me, To has been the better one since from the start. :)

User Info: VeghEsther

3 years ago#2
I prefer the star ocean game its just that the newer tales of game are kind of similar to the last star ocean games via learning spells or gaining stats replacing SP with AP gain in the case of Xillia 1.

User Info: RUHNEB

3 years ago#3
im but*hurt by the StarOcean games. >:) haha. so i hate it. :) (baseless hate) haha. kidding. :) but i really wish squareenix would make another one. its better than the ff series as of now. :) my opinion only. :)

User Info: bigtim777

3 years ago#4
I've only cleared SO3 and SO4. I've played SO1 for 5 minutes but got bored. :P Still have to give it a second chance but I have too many games that need to be played right now. While I enjoyed SO3's I found SO4 a lot worse. :S Still a decent game though.

I just prefer the Tales of games (mostly because fantasy > sci-fi in my opinion). ;)
TotA > ToX2 > ToS > ToX > ToE > RM > ToGf > DotnW

User Info: RUHNEB

3 years ago#5
haha, i do think that SO3 is better than SO2. :) its my fave SO. :D Leingod ftw. :D SO4 is kinda a letdown but its still a good rpg. :) i prefer To too cos i played ToD. :) it reminded me of FF and streetfighter at that time :)

User Info: VeghEsther

3 years ago#6
I played most of the SO games save for the SNES version of Star ocean 1 and I still like those games better then most of the Tales of games.

Even though I could beat 2nd Story in the same amount of time as a tales of game (25 to 33 hours) on a first run of the game.

User Info: RUHNEB

3 years ago#7
Dias is the Kratos of the SO world and vice versa. :)

User Info: fsunolez75

3 years ago#8
I like SO's 2 and 3 more than any individual Tales of game. I could never get into 1, and I find 4 one of the worst games I've ever played.

Tales of, on the other hand, is pretty consistent through and through. There's not 1 game I hate in the series. Some are better than others yes, but none of them are terrible games. So because of the series' consistency , I'll say the Tales of series is better in my opinion.
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User Info: Krentaris

3 years ago#9
I really like Star Ocean 2; oddly, it's one of my favourite JRPGs, which I admit may be at least partially down to nostalgia value alone and playing it as a child, as the battle system in retrospect is not all that refined compared to Tales despite it being good at the time.

It annoys me how mages are always borderline useless in Star Ocean games, although I loved the crafting element of SO2 (even if it's possible to completely break the game early on if you know what you're doing with it). That said, I enjoyed things like looking into the background of Dr. Lantis; the plot was far from perfect but it was alright.

I really wasn't all that fond of SO3; it just didn't have the feel of 2 at all. I can't explain why I didn't like it much, I just... didn't. It never grabbed me, and all the characters felt pretty generic to me. Just my opinion, since I see many here don't share it. In actual fact I vastly preferred SO4 to SO3 whereas most people say the opposite.

I don't think there is a single Tales game that I dislike, though. They may be a little formulaic, but they're really consistent at what they do, and they usually do it well. The storylines often lack, say, the philosophical depth of Xenogears, or the characterisation of something like Shadow Hearts (Yuri Hyuga has to be one of my favourite protagonists) and may use common tropes, but they do it so well that it doesn't often feel too clichéd. And the battle systems, particularly in Graces and to a slightly lesser extent Xillia, are the best of any RPG I've played. I think Milla has to be the most enjoyable interpretation of the magic swords(wo)man; she just feels so versatile.

Anyway, I say Tales wins it because more games are better on average.
"Perfectionism becomes desirable when it stimulates the healthy pursuit of excellence."

User Info: RUHNEB

3 years ago#10
Krentaris posted...
Shadow Hearts (Yuri Hyuga has to be one of my favourite protagonists)

Holy s***! Yuri Hyuga is the one who transforms into an elemental demon right? :D I miss that game. :( they never made anymore in the last gen and current gen. :(

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