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User Info: RedRoover

6 years ago#1
Got the game and figured it would help to have a general thread of sorts around since more people will be getting it in the next few days as well. This isn't meant to be a full or in-depth walkthrough, but more of a thread where people can ask questions and help each other out without making multiple threads. You know, a placeholder until someone puts together a proper FAQ.

To get a few things out of the way from the start;

-Yes, I paid for the game. I'm all for supporting Banpresto since I'm a huge fan of the SRW series, especially with 2ndOG (hopefully) coming out soon.

-Due to my Japanese being pretty limited, I just plan to do a normal run through the game at the time, meaning I'll just focus on going through it and only taking down important details. However, since the previous game wasn't very hard to go through even without a guide, I doubt people will run into many walls.

With that out of the way, moving on to the actual playthrough. I'll update and answer questions as I get to them. Have only done the first stage at the moment, but I plan to play some more later tonight.

Stage 1:
-Starts with a Jean walking through a desert. Not sure how he got there or why, but I didn't see him mention Cute. His clothes are also a bit faded, which you'll see in the next screen. Maron comes falling from the sky and lands on Jean. Obligatory accidental breast fondling scene follows, to Jean's delight.
-Blah Blah Blah, introductions are made. You're allowed to rename both Jean and Maron. I named them in English just because, as you can see. Some enemies show up and you're forced into your first battle.
-Battle interface has a different look from the first game, but everything else is pretty much exactly the same. Meaning if you've played the first one, you'll be able to pick this up with no problem. There's a tutorial, which you can skip by choosing the top options. Starts of with Maron and Jean against two bandits. There's a chest you can grab, but I forgot to take down what was in it.
-On the Second Turn (or it might be after you kill one enemy), two dogs show up as reinforcements for the enemies. Alice shows up on the same turn as an NPC ally. From there, just mop of the enemies as usual to clear the map.
-New to this one, which I'm sure has been discussed in trailers before, you get various bonuses depending on certain conditions fulfilled during battle. I'll have to look at this more closely later to find out exactly what the conditions are. The character that contributed the most during the stage gets an MVP bonus, as you can see from the screens.

And that's it for Stage 1. More to come later.
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User Info: VoidZankantou

6 years ago#2
Question: Did you load your save from the first game or you decided to do a fresh start?
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User Info: tj445

6 years ago#3
Actually Jean was searching for Cute before the earthquake happened and him getting teleported to the desert.
He is complaining as to why she left out to search for Queen's Blade or something.
Now only if you knew Japanese you would understand Maron is a Yandere right off the batt
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User Info: RedRoover

6 years ago#4
Void: Loaded save from the first game. Just didn't point it out since there was already a topic for it. I had three separate clear saves, and the game has you choose between which one you want to load.

tj: I see. Like I said, my Japanese isn't even mediocre at best, so I was kind of just glazing over the dialogue to get to the gameplay. I'm not going to be much help in the translation department unless it's something really specific, but feel free to chip in when you can.

I'll do a handful of stages before updating again instead of just doing one stage per post. If there's anything you guys want me to keep an eye out for, let me know.
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User Info: ShinononoHouki

6 years ago#5
It isn't hard without a guy but secrets might take a while. But My copy of the LE will come with my purchase of the game guide, so I'll see if I can get some info up by end of this week.
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User Info: LunaWuff

6 years ago#6
I used my queen's blade save file and got 20000 something, i assume it was gold but im just starting so im not in any of the menus yet

i dont know if this matters, but i wasnt very far along in that game, just a few stages because i found out about it so late i just decided to wait for this game to come out since it has a lot more characters i actually know and care about(even if i still have very little idea what is going on, lol)
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User Info: RayTokai

6 years ago#7
If you had the costumes in Queen's Blade, you would've unlocked those as well as the money
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User Info: RedRoover

6 years ago#8
If you load your save from the previous game, you get the 20,000 gold regardless of if it's a clear save or not. To get the costumes though, you have to have gotten them in the first game.


Stage 2:

-Just another intro stage. Jean, Maron, and Alice against four enemies. *There's a chest you can grab here. Once one enemy is left, Lili appears and defeats it before challenging one of your characters to a Queen's Duel. Jean gives you a tutorial, which you can *skip by choosing the first option.
-Unless you really beefed Jean or Maron up using the bonus money, or stack them with items, I recommend you choose Alice for the duel. She's strong against Lili and has a skill that heals herself, which you'll probably need.
-You clear the stage regardless of if you win or lose against Lili. You may as well try and win though just for the extra experience.

Stage 3:

-Tomoe, Junko, and Mai make their appearance. It seems that Tomoe lost in a fight against Mai, and is currently tied up. Jean recognizes her and the others decide to save her.
-Your party is Jean, Maron, Alice, and Lili. The Spider Girls from the first game show up here, and one of them has an exchange with Jean. Your enemies are five Spider Girls and Mai. Tomoe is a unit on the map, but she cannot move or attack, or be attacked, so just ignore her. Junko is an ally NPC, and is quite capable of defending herself, so don't worry about hurrying to her side. She'll probably take out the couple of enemies that go for her, leaving the rest for you.
-You know the drill, kill everything. You cannot capture monsters at this point it seems, as the icon is not above their head yet. It's unlikely you'll be able to hit them anyway (Jean only had a 20% chance for me), so don't bother wasting your time. Once you defeat Mai, the stage ends.

Stage 4:

-Everyone's favorite Witch and Succubus from the first game make their reappearance. After an exchange with Jean, a battle breaks out.
-New to this game is that you now have to choose which units you want to deploy before battle. Up to six at a time. I went with Jean, Maron, Alice, Lili, Mai, and Junko. You might want to bring Tomoe since she's strong against both Lamica and Dora, but it's not required.
-Enemies are two ropers (the tentacle monsters), two ogres, and Lamica and Dora. The terrain is grassy, so moving along is slow. Be sure to position your units so Jean can get to them quickly in case they need to be healed. Dora and Lamica don't start moving until about four or five turns in, so make sure you have the other enemies killed before that. Dora and Lamica are a little annoying because they tend to stay next to each other and will support attack/defend with each other. Weaken them through counters and then finish them off with who you want the exp to go to. You only have to defeat ONE of them to end the stage, so feel free to just unload on the one of your choice.


-After the stage, you have your first route split. You can either go with Mai or Junko. You get a different FMV and characters depending on which route you choose.

Mai Route: Mai, Alice, Jean, Maron
Junko Route: Junko, Alice, Jean, Maron, Lili, Tomoe

Mai route FMV includes some more boob action and Mai getting molested by caterpillars. Junko route FMV focuses on pantyshots.
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User Info: d2cmp

6 years ago#9
preliminary character analysis

Maron hits hard, but her hit stat is kind of low. Her skill is double damage which is very good

Alice is a dodgy character, a good all rounder, i fed her lots of bonus stats with the new reward system so she became very strong quick. Her skill is 30% heal which is kinda lame i hope it changes

Lili is a power character, low hit and doesn't start with any attacks that can target the head, but she's good. i think her skill is a full heal, didn't use it so far

Mai and Junko are very alike both are dodgy characters, both have the ghost skill. Mai can't hit the legs and Junko can't hit the head at least at so far

Tomoe is the same as always

some new stuff, you know have to unlock free stages in order, so you should play them at least once every level and characters can support attack with each other from a diagonal position, don't know about support defend

User Info: RedRoover

6 years ago#10
Misc Info:

*I'm not going to be taking note of the items gotten from chests. They're usually too far out of the way for me to care about, and if it's like the first game, the rewards usually aren't worth getting anyway.
*To skip tutorials, it's always the top option.
*The bonus you get from fulfilling the Special Condition with a character is an extra +2 to stat distribution at the end of the stage. MVP Bonus is an extra +4. This seems like it will be very useful for building up characters, as they get the bonus stats even if they don't level up during the stage
*I'm going on the JUNKO ROUTE for my playthrough. All stages and information from here on will detail that route. If someone else would go through the Mai route and tell us what's different/who joins, that would be great.
And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many.
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