Xbox or PC - Thoughts?

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User Info: Reinez0001

6 years ago#1
Just played the demo and it seemed half-way decent - but I'm wondering f I should get this for the PC or Xbox.

For the PC version - is there a decent community of players - or is it pretty much dead online. Also how are the graphics?

User Info: Eneru112

6 years ago#2

getting an RPG on xbox? LOOOLLWUUUUTTT

User Info: Dimon101

6 years ago#3
to answer both your questions:

Bought this game 2 days ago....ive only seen 2 servers online playing. Connecting to a multiplayer server is a pile of crap, hard to do on pc.

Game is decent when you can play with other people.

The community is non-existant hardly. On the atari forms, though, someone made mods that is something.
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