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User Info: SilverScarCat

5 years ago#1
Since fighting against Yuri/U-D is such a hassle, I wrote a FAQ for how to fight against U-D in all the sequences she appears in.

So, this is what I wrote up, hope that it helps people against U-D in the future.

Part 1


So, you want to beat System U-D in Gears of Destiny, huh? This guide will give you a general strategy to hopefully get victory against System U-D, which is, without a doubt, a very difficult opponent to go against.

One thing to remember is that she has the single highest armor rating in the game, which means that she'll take far less damage than anyone else. On top of that, her melee range is second only to Shamal's, however, unlike Shamal, it's very slow, about as fast as Thoma's is, so, you can see her attacks coming before she lands them. So, that should be something to keep in mind.

However, the computer-controlled U-D has what's called "God Armor". Which means, until her special bar is drained to nothing, she's not taking any physical damage from attacks. You can, however, deal damage to her with grapples and full Drive Burst attacks.

System U-D first appears in Sequence 4 to take on either Reinforce or Hayate in the final fight of the Sequence.

One thing to keep in mind is that, other than the final Sequence, if you lose against U-D, the story does not end and you're allowed to continue the story.

However, defeating U-D every time she appears will allow you to access Sequence X in the story where you get to play as Yuri, System U-D's powered down form. Despite being powered down, Yuri is still a menace to play against and only lacks some of the long-range abilities that she had as the final boss.

In addition, you need to do all the fights in Sequences 3, 5 and 9 and get the heart symbol by the Battle Complete.

Sequence 4-A pits Hayate against System U-D. System U-D says that she's only using 5% of her power against Hayate, but don't let that fool you, if you're not careful, this little girl will wipe the floor with Hayate so fast that your head will spin.

Thankfully, for the first time you fight against System U-D, she does NOT have her God Armor on, so you can damage her normally. In fact, she fights exactly as she would as a playable character, so use this as a preview of what you'll get when you unlock her. Still, be very careful, one slip-up and you will fail to defeat her.

One of the best ways to win is to weaken her and then let time run out. This is for all fights against her.

For the fight in general, U-D doesn't use too many special abilities, however, she does have Long Range DEF Level 2 on, so she only takes 90% damage from any of Hayate's special attacks. Best way to win at long range is to charge Hayate's Triangle attack, as this will do most damage to her barrier and let you get some decent damage in when she's not blocking. Failing that, tap triangle followed by circle to throw out some swords that will catch U-D if she dodges and a beam attack if she doesn't.

However, U-D will block, a lot, in this fight, so time is very likely to run out on you before you have a chance to win. Keep an eye on the time, and if it gets close to the end of the match, get in close, tap L to activate Hayate's full drive burst mode. This will knock U-D into the air long enough for you to hit L again and land a blow to do Hayate's Ragnarock on U-D. It's doubtful that this will straight-up defeat U-D if she's anywhere near 50% health or more. But it will weaken her enough that you can dodge and block for the rest of the match and you should be able to win, provided that you're not at a small sliver of health.

User Info: SilverScarCat

5 years ago#2
Part 2


Sequence 4-B pits Reinforce against System U-D. And, like Hayate, U-D says she's only using a small amount of her power. However, this time it's 6%.

Unlike with Hayate, Reinforce has a bind attack that works wonders here. Reinforce's charged square is Bloody Dagger, which works similar to Hayate's charged triangle attack. Her triangle attack is a beam which is similar to Hayate's Circle attack. But, her charged circle attack is an exploding bind hold, which is far faster than most of her attacks at range. In fact, it would be best to use her charged bind against system U-D whenever you're not in close range combat.

Similar to the Hayate fight, U-D fights as if she were player controlled, so don't worry about her God Armor for this round, just make sure to play smart, which means use the counter attack when in close range and exploding binds in long range and you should be okay. Feel free to change it up with Bloody Dagger and Reinforce's beam attacks if you feel that you've got a good handle on her fighting style. If time gets low and she's winning, get close, use Full Drive Burst, connect with the set-up attack and lay waste to her life with Diabolic Emission. And, as with Hayate, U-D only takes 90% damage at range.

System U-D appears, again, in Sequence 10 to take on Material-S/Stern or Material-L/Levi.

Unlike with Hayate and Reinforce, U-D has her God Armor on. This is a FAR harder fight to win than before, she is fighting as if she's the final boss. Things to note, she will spread her wings wide before firing a bunch of black energy balls at you. It's pointless to try and dodge them as you'll burn up a lot of your special bar just trying, just press R to block them. Even if you have your shield break, she won't attack again until you've recovered. She also has a counter-stance now, if you hit her while she's in it, she'll rush right at you with a body crash that's so fast it's hard to dodge.

Her close range is still the same, but as you can no longer damage her with anything other than grapples or Full Drive Bursts, get away from her as soon as you can. Fighting at long range is possible, just tricky, as she can rush through any of your attacks like they aren't there.

How to break the God Armor you ask? Just attack. You won't damage her health, but you'll damage her special bar. Once that's gone, you can start dealing damage to her health.

As Stern, get away from U-D and spam her charged Pyro Shooter and Blast Fire attacks like they're going out of style. Pyro Shooter hits up to 8 to 10 times if it connects and Blast Fire is 3 strong (when charged) bursts of fire and heat into U-D.

When her God Armor is broken, use Stern's binds to stop U-D from moving and charge up her Blast Fire. Just cut loose, it shouldn't be too hard. If you want to, get in close and use her Lucieferion Breaker, which is her Full Drive Burst attack.

User Info: SilverScarCat

5 years ago#3
Part 3


As Levi, again, get away from her and use her charged Photon Lancer and Harken Saber attacks. Some people might suggest using her Sprite Form, which is obtained by Holding R and then pressing L. Don't do it. Levi has 0 Defense in that mode and takes double damage from everything. If you go into it and get hit with U-D's Full Drive Burst, you will lose from any amount of health. Yes, your offense gets stronger and you're faster as a result, but the fact that you're already walking a tight rope against U-D as it is, without giving up any defense you have, does not make it worth it.

However, after you break U-D's God Armor with Levi, feel free to use Sprite form against her if you wish. Once U-D's armor is broken, start using Levi's charged Circle attacks. Normally it's bind and swing one energy blast at her opponent. When in Sprite form, she'll use two strikes to increase damage. Why use Sprite form after the armor is broken? It's simple, she can no longer ignore your attacks, so going into that armor-less mode is worth it.

Be VERY careful if U-D goes into Full Drive Burst. She has the longest Burst range other than Yuuno and Precia. Neither Stern nor Levi come anywhere near close to her range when she's in Full Drive Burst, and it's very likely that you don't have the health to take a Full Drive Burst from U-D anyway.

Watch the sequence of events after the fight is over.

Final Sequence has two parts.

First part is against System U-D with any of the following characters: Vita, Signum, Zafira, Shamal, Einhart, Chrono, Kyrie.

The first part of the fight plays very close to how you had to fight against U-D in the last battle. She starts with God Armor and she can, at distance, spread her wings to fire multiple energy blasts at you. Again, block those. Even if your guard breaks, you'll still be okay, all the rest of the blasts will miss and U-D will go counter-stance against you while you recover.

The second part against System U-D is U-D against any of the following characters: Nanoha, Fate, Amitie, Vivio, Dearche, Unison-Hayate or Thoma.

Unlike the first part, the second part does not have U-D with her God Armor on. However, unlike the first part, if you take her health to 0, she'll go Full Drive Burst, get back all of her health in an instant, and get her God Armor back. However, while she'll have the God Armor on, remember that she can still be damaged by Full Drive Bursts. Connect with your Full Drive Burst at this time and most of the characters will be able to defeat her with one hit.

U-D does not have any new attacks, but she's still really strong and tough, so don't take it easy on her.

User Info: SilverScarCat

5 years ago#4
Part 4


For the first part, the strategy is the same against U-D, get away from U-D and into long-range mode, you'll have more of a chance against her.

As Signum, get away from her and spam her Dragon Flame, also, make sure to tap square to do quick sword slashes if she gets close, and if you can, tap circle to do Snake Form, it will only hit U-D at long range and not pull her in, but that's fine, you only need to do damage until her shield breaks. After it does, get in close and let loose those melee skills Signum's so famous for, wear down her health before going Full Drive Burst and using Sturm Falcon on her.

Win by time out or by knocking her out, either way, you shouldn't have too many problems against her if you make sure to be careful and guard at times.

As Vita, when in long range mode, use her square and charged square to do Swallow Flier against U-D. This will tear through U-D's God Armor like no one's business. Once the armor breaks, feel free to use any of Vita's skills against U-D, since they're all faster than U-D's attacks. After the God Armor breaks, you shouldn't have too much trouble against U-D with Vita. Use Rocket Hammer to get in close and then start the beat-down.

As Einhart, you should know that she has absolutely no problem against U-D. In fact, Einhart is the single most dangerous character in the game to play with or against. Just wait till U-D starts to charge up her multi-blast attack, hit triangle to counter-stance and break her God Armor easily. Once it's broken, get in close and use Einhart's martial art skills to lay the beat down on U-D.

As Kyrie, the fight, unlike the previous three fighters, is fairly hard to win. However, Kyrie, like Signum, has the ability to strike with multiple attacks from long range. Sadly, as you've probably already found out, her square attack is pretty hard to connect with, as it has a slow adjusting time while the enemy moves. Her triangle attack is faster and can hit more often, but Kyrie is far less accurate than Signum, Vita and Einhart are. However, with some effort and luck, you should be able to break through her God Armor. Unlike Vita, Einhart and Signum, don't bother trying to beat U-D in battle. Just weaken her with a couple of combos and her Full Drive Burst to get ahead in health. Stay back in long range, block U-D's energy blasts and hit back if you can, but be careful against U-D, even more so than with the others so far.

As Zafira, the trick is to stay at long range, but stay just outside of close range with him. While he, like Einhart has a counter-stance, don't rely on it, it doesn't last as long as Einhart's does. Your best bet with Zafira is to actually dash behind U-D and push circle to get a grapple in, knocking U-D away. Next, get close, but stay just outside of close combat range, and use charged Square to have Zafira swing his arm out and a large wave forms in front of him. It tears into U-D's God Armor fairly easily. If you think you can get the timing of Zafira's counter-stance down, feel free to use it against U-D, but remember that it's not quite as good as Einhart's counter is. Again, like Einhart, once the God Armor is broken, get in close and use Zafira's melee abilities to their fullest. He's faster than U-D, just stay in close range after the God Armor is broken and you should be able to win.

As Chrono, he has a hard time winning against U-D. The best way to win is to spam his uncharged Square attack, doing five hits against U-D's God Armor will take it down slowly. The problem is, Chrono has two types of binds and neither are useful against U-D. Your best bet, if you can pull it off, is to simply get behind U-D and connect with Chrono's Full Drive Burst, freezing U-D in the Eternal Coffin and then dodging and blocking until time runs out. Trial and error is mostly needed with Chrono, but changing between his uncharged and charged Square attacks against U-D until the God Armor breaks is a solid way to win.

User Info: SilverScarCat

5 years ago#5
Part 5


Shamal, like Chrono, has a very hard time against U-D. While in long range, use Shamal's uncharged triangle attack, back up and use it again, and keep doing that as much as possible. While U-D's God Armor allows her to ignore the attacks and keep moving forward, the tornado walls that Shamal creates can block any attack U-D throws at Shamal, in addition to dealing some damage to her God Armor. Once the God Armor is broken, stay in close range and start using Shamal's melee abilities to their fullest, since she has even longer range than U-D does at close range. Use what combos in close range are your favorite, but you should be able to weaken U-D enough before time runs out to win.

That's everyone in the first half, so, the second half of this fight now gets to the fun characters. Remember, in the second fight, U-D does not start with the God Armor, but she still has all her other abilities.

As Nanoha, beat on U-D and knock her back. When fighting long range, spam her charged Axel Shooter and Divine Buster, draining U-D's health quickly. It shouldn't be too hard to get U-D to zero health and trigger her Full Drive Burst. At this point, she's got her God Armor back, however, it is possible to win still. Dodge and block her attacks until her Full Drive Burst ends, at which point, use Nanoha's own Full Drive Burst mode. If you didn't know before, when Nanoha's in this mode, she gains a couple of new attacks, one is Hyperion Smasher, which takes the place of Divine Buster and is the single strongest attack in the game. Charged up, you can fire up to three Hyperion Smashers back to back really fast. This will tear through U-D's God Armor to nothing. If you're close enough and have some time left, land Nanoha's Starlight Breaker attack to do about 80% damage to U-D. If you've not taken too much damage to this point, you can just let time run out for the win.

As Fate, she has a massive speed boost to go with her attacks, she uses less energy for dodging and dashing, 15% less, plus a 50% damage buff. Stay in close, and if you're in long range use Fate's Thunder Rage and Harken Saber attacks to tear through U-D's health. When U-D goes Full Drive, just get in close and connect with Fate's FUll Drive Burst, Jet Zambar. In fact, make it even easier on yourself, remember how I said not to use Sprite Form against U-D with Levi? Yeah, feel free to use Fate's Sonic Form (by holding R and then pressing L) against U-D. The ability Fate has in close range, coupled with her damage buff is enough to tear through U-D with ease. When U-D gets her God Armor back and after you've hit with Jet Zambar (like Starlight Breaker, it does 80% damage), use Fate's charged Harken Saber attack, which strikes twice, to tear through the God Armor like tissue paper. It'll shatter easily, get in close and use Fate's melee abilities to win.

As Hayate, just fight the same way that I described when you fought U-D back in Sequence 4. The only difference here is that Hayate has Reinforce unisoned with her, giving her a massive status buff. She takes only 50% damage, does 150% damage, only uses 85% of her special bar when doing special attacks. One thing to remember is that U-D WILL use her Full Drive Burst on Hayate, so stay back if you drop her to zero the first time. When you get the chance, and U-D no longer can do her Full Drive Burst, connect with Unison-Hayate's Ragnarok, you'll do exactly 100% damage to U-D with her God Armor on.

User Info: SilverScarCat

5 years ago#6
6th and Final Part


As Amitie, if you beat U-D in round one with Kyrie, you'll get a similar status buff, doing 150% damage, but only in close range and taking only 50% damage, as well as Kyrie's Zapper and an extra square to do a Full Drive Burst. It's pretty easy to win with Amitie in this state, just stay close. Once U-D goes into her Full Drive Burst, use Amitie's Full Drive Burst to one-shot U-D.

As Vivio, she fights differently than Einhart does, and like Nanoha, doesn't get a super power mode. To make up for it, she's got a great rushing game where she can rush in to hit U-D easily. If you charge her triangle attack, you will knock U-D up into the air. U-D will stay in the air just long enough that, if you move towards her and press grapple, you will connect with Vivio's version of Divine Buster for extra damage to U-D. When her health hits zero and she gets her God Armor back, Vivio, unlike the others, can't beat her. That being said, if your health is about half full or more, get in close and connect with Vivio's Full Drive Burst, it will do about 90% damage to U-D. Stall till time out and you'll win.

As Dearche, you'll notice that her wings are Black at the base, red in the middle and blue at the tip. It signifies that Stern and Levi, from the previous Sequence have merged with Dearche. This gives her stats similar to Hayate, doing 150% damage at both long and close range, taking only 50% damage, and she, unlike Hayate gets 2 Full Drive Bursts. However, unlike Hayate, the Full Drive Burst cannot beat U-D in God Armor mode in one hit. Thankfully, you have two, so save them for that moment and you'll win without too much trouble.

Finally, Thoma, if you've paid attention to the story so far, has been pretty much a joke for the story and doesn't seem to be too dangerous, since he's fairly slow in melee and his long range is all he really has going for him. Well, that and the fact that only Vivio and U-D have better Defense than he does. Plus other than Precia, Yuuno and U-D, he's got the best range for his Full Drive Burst. Speaking of his Full Drive Burst, Divide Zero Eclipse will do 100% damage to U-D from full health, allowing an easy win when she's in God Armor mode.

This is not 100% effective, but this is what I found to be most effective against U-D each time you have to fight against her. Always remember, fight smart and be careful.

User Info: SieKensou

5 years ago#7
though i hvnt touched the game in a while, thx for this.
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User Info: SilverScarCat

5 years ago#8
I figured that some people could still use it.

User Info: Yamato_san

5 years ago#9
it's also worth noting that, if you beat U-D as Kirie followed by Amita, you unlock a CG image and the Drive Stock Plus skill (if you haven't gotten it already, which you can if you played as Dearche first). You can also unlock skills from using Fate, Signum, or Nanoha/Vita (both Nanoha and Vita unlock the same skill, MP Guard Lv3), but whether you do or not depends on if you fought them the last time you played through Sequence 6.

BTW, according to the Japanese wiki, U-D's powered-up ability is called "Super Armor", not God Armor. Assuming that's official, I'm guessing they got it from the player's guide (I don't recall it being mentioned in-story, and the DVD included in the GOD Box didn't touch on U-D).

User Info: SieKensou

5 years ago#10
U-D isn't in the anime?!?

(been hoping for an upload but nanoha ppl haven't ripped it.... :( i didn't have money to spill for the LE.....)
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