How the hell do you kill the "wizards" or whatever they are

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User Info: giocare

6 years ago#1
I'm on level 6 and I have to kill these floating wizard guys. They're impossible to kill because they constantly shoot homing fireballs, and every time I manage to wound them they heal themselves. They also have a forcefield that traps your bullets and shoots them back at you. How do you kill them?

User Info: Kiko_Maruna

6 years ago#2
Yeah they're hard.
I was wondering if there was an easy way, like hitting them with a rock or something, but I didn't manage to do that.
They're killable with regular weapons though. When they do their little spell where they try to suck you in, stop shooting and instead use the grappling hook to get away. If you shot them during the spell, be sure to get behind a wall because they'll fire your projectiles back at you.
You can shoot down their homing missiles in mid air, that's probably better than trying to dodge.

User Info: MrSoli

6 years ago#3
Uh oh, I just got to level 6 myself, looks like I'm in for a treat.
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User Info: Tekk_Noir

6 years ago#4
Just beat this level on hard after failing miserably a couple times.
There is also a web of vines in the bottom-right corner of the map.
These vines slow you down when you pass through them, but they can also hold or stop the homing projectiles of the priests I think. I saw a priest fireball stop at the vines and stay there for a couple seconds before exploding.

I haven't found anything that specifically hurts these guys. Seems like a tough level that takes a lot of trial and error.
I bet someone's going to do it without dying and youtube the video at some point. :p

User Info: Kiko_Maruna

6 years ago#5
I only tried it on medium, don't know how much harder hard mode would be.

I'd use the machinegun type weapon, because the rapid fire is likely to just shoot their projectiles down while you're firing at them. Try to keep some distance to them, so you don't get sucked right in when they cast their spell. If necessary, you can lure them a bit through the level. I think any long tunnel should be fine.
Just keep firing at them from a distance, and when they cast the spell, get a wall between them and you.
Possibly keep the grappling hook attached somewhere safe, just as a precaution.

User Info: PhillipHardyDude

6 years ago#6
No the easiest way is to just use weapon 3, the ice wind gun thing lol. Just spray it on him until it does the gravity move then run, and repeat. The flames he shoots will be absorbed as long as you are spraying them.

here is a video showcasing it. Skip to 3.00 min in and watch.
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  3. How the hell do you kill the "wizards" or whatever they are

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