Just played a three hour game and lost horribly

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User Info: HydroCannabinol

4 years ago#1
can someone help me figure out what to do? I couldn't really find too many mines so I was stuck with defenders and archers which were doing great until I was fighting other factions. I mean I had like 5 bases and tons of research and a good size army but I just can't figure out how to get 'end game' stuff. I got to the end of the weapon reserach and was up to squad even.. I still had basic units I don't get it.

Also, anyone know how to 'craft' items from the research? It said I unlocked a ton of weapons but I couldn't find em.

Spent the entire game getting the long bow archery research and I unlocked this bow yet I could never find it... really annoying.

Thanks guys I wanna like this game but it seems sorta shallow almost
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User Info: Spidey555

4 years ago#2
I highly recommend this youtube series to get some help
Tons of helpful tips and ideas

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User Info: Carpetpeer

4 years ago#3
This thread is a pretty good place to start

What difficulty are you playing on? Might want to just tone it down some till you learn the ropes. I find that this game is rather tough in the early stages, but assuming you can get to midgame the AI kind of falls apart.

Can offer some advice though.

The items that you learn from the tech trees you either have to buy in the shop (this is how your sovereign or champion will get access to them) or design units that have them. Buying them for your sovereigns and champions is way overpriced and you probably shouldn't even bother, so that stuff is more for your trained units. Go to a city and hit the Train button, then hit the design button. Hit new to design a new unit. Here you can do things like change appearance. But you can also assign traits and equipment (weapons, jewelry, horses, traits). These are how you make powerful trained units. Don't go crazy because things can get pretty expensive for metals and crystals. Say you put on a magic staff that says it costs 3 crystals, if you try to build a unit with it'll actually cost 9 if that unit has 3 people in it (which is the default). Also how you build may have to depend on your resources. You can also upgrade your existing troops with better armor and weapons but this is kind of expensive though if it's a good unit (leveled up) it can be worth it.

Don't stress about cities. My last game (on challenging so I'm no pro) I only built three cities. Still managed to conquer three other factions, and won with the master quest. 5 cities may actually be too much if you're having trouble defending.
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  3. Just played a three hour game and lost horribly

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