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User Info: DragonDivide

6 years ago#1
Hi guys,

I am not sure when the next update will be pushed to Xbox Live, but it is currently in review. Here are some of the additions we were able to get in:

1. A purpose for the "star stage".
2. A new level.
3. New enemy type.
4. Fix special character in dialogue crash.
5. Cryomancer2 has the new Arena highscore.
6. Better sprite alignment with weapon particles.
7. Remove errant ending object on first stage.
8. Better matchmaking search performance.
9. Removed stacktrace error messages.
10. Slight speed increase on heavy weapons.

The next update after this will take some time. We need to update the entire framework for Alpha Squad in order to submit again for Xbox Live because of some new rules. During this time I would like to wrap up on some of the other requests we've had for the game and I still have a little bit of space left for new content.
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