wow, this game is impressive.

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  3. wow, this game is impressive.

User Info: brunbbmerc

6 years ago#1
its really well made and the art and backgrounds are great. a lot more professional than a lot of the indie games out there. its unfortunate it isnt more popular.
Dignity. Intelligence. Class. brunbbmerc. S&R's number one Rams fan.

User Info: DragonDivide

6 years ago#2
Hi brunbbmerc,

I am glad that you like the game! There is only so much that I can do by myself to get the word out, so it is up to gamers like you who have discovered this game to tell others about it and cause that kind of viral effect. I definitely won't be able to attempt a game of this level without your help.
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  3. wow, this game is impressive.

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