Alpha Ladies, Endings, and Items (Spoiler)

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User Info: VortexHunter

6 years ago#1
The Key and the ending room in New Seattle were found by ThePyreThatBurns

Alpha Ladies
1. Jessica - New Seattle - wallet
2. Imani - Heat Stroke - necklace
3. Maya - The Amazon- necklace – reveals hidden door
4. - Coldsnap - phonebook – use phone booth twice
5. - Neo Tokyo - just enter stage
6. Catherine – Catherine’s Pub – mug
As you can tell I forgot 2 of names

1. Lost Hope – In Undertow make a left at the intersection
2. Bloodstone Creek – Winter Wasteland right 2 screens
3. Station 12 – Must have Data Crystal
4. Neo Tokyo – Finish the stage
5. Headquarters – Finish the stage
6. New Seattle – Key – In the house next to Overgrowth exit – need to find all the girls and items?. (Bottom row)
7. New Seattle – key – In house next to Overgrowth exit. There are is one door for each ending 8 in all. (Bottom row)
8. Overgrowth - ? - ?

1. Wallet – Overgrowth- go up till the second four way then right 2
2. Data Crystal – Secluded – go through the top right exit in Overgrowth
3. Phonebook – Undertow – stay on the right side path 3rd screen after intersection.
4. Key – Keep talking to the guy at Lost Hope
5. Necklace – Heat Stroke – 2 screens right of the start
6. Mug – Coldsnap – In building on shelf

This is all I have found. There are still secrets to be found. A few are the letter in New Seattle, and the ending in Overgrowth.
gt- Lone Vortex
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