Call of Duty Black Ops "Myster Man" glitch

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User Info: vidiot044

6 years ago#1
In this glitch their are 8 steps, only 6 have been uncovered.

You need 4 people for glitch to work!

Steps 7 and 8 and still to be uncovered, but i have theory's about how to uncover them.
*I switched the original 3 and 4 because thats the proper order you must proced in*

Step 1. Secure the Keys

This involves you to buy all the doors leading to the myster box/ power room

Step 2. Ascend from darkness

Part a. Activate the power Part b. Get the black hole Gersh device and throw it at the generator that sparks by the flopper. This will suck the generator to be sucked in and the "Mystery Man" will speak once again.

Part c. Once you've used the gersh device go to the computer by the luner by stamina up, it is located under the steps, active it and a triangle symbol with an eye at the top will appear on the screen.

Step 3. Unleash the Hord

Get Monkey's!
Once monkeys are out after completing previous steps, their will be 4 buttons by the perks. You and Team mates must hit all the buttons at the same time in order for the glitch to work. The buttons dont appear until monkeys are out. *i suggest a countdown for all you idiots out their, also their is no button by quick revive so that leaves 5 other perks to check*

Step 4. Rain Fire

Link all the lunar landers (this can be done at any part of playing through the steps, just dont launch the rocket until the first 3 steps are complete)
Launch the rocket

Step 5.Skewer the Winged Beast

Part a. Destory the rocket as it is launching. (This can be done with ray gun as well as explosives) Once rocket is launched if you've done everything so far properly a clock will appear inside the launch zone. Everyone on the team must stand under it for 1-2 minuites. Part b. Take the lunar landers and spell out "L U N A" 1. From anywhere take the lander where stamina up is to get the L 2. Take the lunar to to the main frame to get the U 3. Then take lander to the Sickle area to get the N 4. Finally take the lander then take the lander back to stamina up to get the A Part c. After you spell luna you must go to an orb that appears on the map, you must throw a gersh device at it then use the Martyroshka dolls, and shoot the upgraded ray gun, upgraded thunder gun, and upgraded crossbow at the orb until it goes into the sky.

Step 6.Wield a fist of iron

Once the orb goes into the sky everyone on your team will have a death machine for 90 seconds. From this point on nobody knows what to do or where to start. Step 7.Raise Hell

If you noticed that their are car or motocycle batteries located through out the map labeled "sparky" It is also labeled on your death machine as well, opparently you have to shoot the batteries with the death machines.
this video reveals the locations of the batteries located with "sparky" Labeled on it, i dont know if you have to do it at the same time or seperatly, their might even be a proper order of shooting the batteries, if shooting them is even what you have to do.

Step 8.Freedom

Here i'm just gonna make a most likly false assumption that after step 7 is complete the whole glitch it's self is complete.

New Theory

There's a new theory that has been going around (not yet official) that you can obtain the Wunderwaffe and all other elemental weapons in Black Ops. The newest possibility is that when you get the orb you have to shoot all of the weapons (Upgraded Zeus Cannon,Upgraded Crossbow, Upgraded Ray Gun, Gersch Devices, and Martyroshka dolls at the orb during a monkey round. Then when you get the death machines you have to shoot at the Mechanism (spinning thing at spawn) until the death machines go away. After that you should apparently get all elemental weapons.
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