POLL: Sexy outfits. Yes or No?

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User Info: kazooie48

6 years ago#21
If they did something like Xenosaga with the Swimsuits that'de be pretty cool.
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User Info: Sillykun

6 years ago#22
Lightning love story?
Another yes please, I want him to fall in love with someone lololol....o wait, I saw what I did there.

User Info: XTwistedMercX

6 years ago#23

One thing I was confused about is why did Lightning never show her big melons?

User Info: mitsukahakumei

6 years ago#24
wear the same outfits as bikini samurai squad
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User Info: Voxwik

6 years ago#25
Things like this inevitably affect female characters in a sexist manner while the males wear more covering clothing. I say NO.

User Info: Ephemeraldream

6 years ago#26
Yes, as long as it has a good battle system, the characters could be naked for all I care. (Just women) The first AO rated FF!

User Info: final_fantasies

6 years ago#27

... oh lord.

User Info: Jeannie13

6 years ago#28
Yes, oh god... YES!

I want a character like Payne who is obviously into another female character.

I will miss Fang, I loved her Ragnarok form. But another character like her with dark skin would be great.
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  3. POLL: Sexy outfits. Yes or No?

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