:Poll: Would you want the original gang to make a return in this game?

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User Info: destinyDemon

6 years ago#21

Snow: yes!!

Fang: yes

Lightning: yes

Snows friends: yes playable charecters please especially the one with the funky blue hair

every one else hope they get eaten by bahamut

User Info: thefinaloracle

6 years ago#22
Only Hope, I want the majority of the characters for this game to be new.
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User Info: blackhrt

6 years ago#23
I would want them to come back. But this time lets actually make them talk to each other in a more personable way. Not vague or constricted lines.

And Hope better grow a pair in this one and tell Lightning whats going down :P
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User Info: Mindwipe77

6 years ago#24
Hope probabaly has the best chance of returning then anyone else since this is her story and she grew this brother/sister relationship with him, or as many ppl seem to want them to be a couple(puke) but with all the time-traveling and such im sure Hope will be in the game, i really want to see sazh and dajh too though even if just briefly
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User Info: trinityEDGE

6 years ago#25
Lightning: Probably no chance of her not returning. I hope she ditches the "Ice Queen" facade, though. That got old, and it doesn't make her cool.
Hope: Puberty. Mustache, beard, a deep voice, and (...sexy?) leg hair. That'd be perfect; Hobo Hope. The only role I'd want him to be.
Snow: He got sent to jail after reports that he's been cheating on Serah. For Hope. Hihihihihi. /shot
Sazh: He got to rule the economy Cocoon/Gran Pulse from making an army of Chocobos. Now he's a generic Chocobo stableman who teleports to the stable that you're JUST about to go to. YAY. For an extra 10% Gil, you can rent Dajh instead.
Vanille: I hope Cocoon becomes too heavy for the crystal, crushing her. Keep a finger not crushed/dead/horribly mutilated so that Lightning's efforts won't be in vain.
Fang: Same with Vanille, but with less passion. I don't mind if she's in a coma. I WOULD mind if Vanille goes in a coma too, but then her Vanille-osity makes her come back, which I could imagine happening... *shudder*

In short... not really. If I had to pick some, I'd pick Lightning (seriously... she's already in the preview.) and Sazh.

User Info: Rihawf

6 years ago#26
Yes, all of 'em.
They will make Lightning a Pop singer. She, Vanille and Fang, will go across all the worlds, in search of Crystals so that she can find some weird man. They will use the Crystalsphere in battles, they will be on the airship "Kelvin" which belongs to Sazh, Hope, Snow and Serah, and they will make a group with a weird name.

User Info: wheresatari

6 years ago#27
the name of their group will be the boger picking fingernails. perfect band name.

yes, id like them all back. the only issue with that is, some people seem to think light will pick up some new party members from the other dimension, so we cant have em all, unless its a suikoden/radiata stories kinda thing. theyll have light, snow, and serah, and three from the other dimension. maybe hope too, if they opt for 7 or 8 characters, instead of 6. unless they go for 4 from this side, and 2 new characters from the other.
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User Info: Jeannie13

6 years ago#28
Only Fang and give her a Ragnarok transformation.

I would rather a female version of Snow. By that I mean who uses her fists and with a bit more muscle than Lightning and Fang appear to have. Hell, they could give her the same clothes too minus the hat anf long hair.

User Info: chrcol

6 years ago#29
I liked fang

User Info: Chas3Th3Dr3am

6 years ago#30
Only keep Light and Fang. Add Dajh. Nuff said, his Afro will save Cocoon and the world.
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  3. :Poll: Would you want the original gang to make a return in this game?

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