I'll buy it

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User Info: jannedaarc1

6 years ago#1
But god knows if I'll love it.

I posted on FF13 board that overall the game was pretty good. And there is no denying the visuals were without comparison based on my gaming experiences to date (note: i play no pc games).

But overall I do not feel there is any replayability w/ FF13. I say that and realize that my next comment is somewhat silly b/c I replayed it once instantly after completing it the first time but....there was nothing for me to do that I had not done already - I just wanted to see if I would like it more.

And please Square, please, do not make another FFX-2. That game made me sad to even call myself a FF fan.

User Info: Burdicus

6 years ago#2
I'm sure SE heard the complaints that held XIII back, so hopefully they decide to fix those and make this game awesomesauce.

I will also buy it.
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User Info: LuckNotDoWithIt

6 years ago#3
Of course I'll buy it, because I loved FF10 and FF13 & in general despised the FF12 universe.

I want another game like that and FF13-2, with a much larger world and towns with environments will deliver that experience.

User Info: maniemans

6 years ago#4
I will definetly buy 13-2, I also loved XIII no matter what other people said about the game. You're a true Final Fantasy Fan or you aren't :) So I hope that 13-2 comes this year, but probably gonna be next year heh.

User Info: Neku021

6 years ago#5
i might not know nothing about FFXIII-2 but it will be my new religion! I also liked FFXIII and i wished it had been more open world and less linear but it was still fun. Multiple high-fives!
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User Info: gspot0909

6 years ago#6
XIII, is the only FF that I've played that I havent finished. I couldnt. Apparently I stopped at the part it got good at (chap 11) or something. But by that time I was like 20-30 hrs in & stopped caring. I didnt like any of the characters & didnt feel invested in the quest at all. What a terrible game. IMO. I will not be buying this game unless its alot different than XIII & they get some new characters.
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