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User Info: shawn10000000

6 years ago#1
This is coming out for xbox too? Hurray! i don't need to buy a PS3 for one game! Anyone else happy about this?
(protip, that means haters be gone)

User Info: winrehs_007

6 years ago#2
I hope Versus too will be on XBOX...

User Info: maniemans

6 years ago#3
Nope VS is a Playstation only title :)

User Info: LuckNotDoWithEr

6 years ago#4
Versus is only a playstation only game for now. I say never say never on anything when it comes to games.

User Info: GRTooCool

6 years ago#5
They originally announced FFXIII as PS3 only as well and I figured I had to save money to get a PS3. But low and behold... it came out on the 360 and I'm sure they would consider it a "success".

Hopefully Versus XIII will be out on the 360. If not, then no big deal. I know I only speak for myself since I still have the PS3 money saved. It would be nice if they did away with the exclusives though. Release it for all the consoles, get more sales out of it.
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User Info: maniemans

6 years ago#6
I heard from a friend, that S-E wanted to release the upcoming FFs to be multi-console. And there are even rumors that FF15 will be released on the PC. But they're rumors, so no 100% guarantee ofcourse.

User Info: Yggdrassil_Lord

6 years ago#7
i don't need to buy a PS3 for one game!

What the hell did you buy the first game on? XIII-2 was always going to be multiplat.

User Info: LazyDave1

6 years ago#8
I always assumed this would be PS3-only, and I loved FFXIII... so this makes me happy! :D

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