is this a sequel to final fantasy 10-2?

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  3. is this a sequel to final fantasy 10-2?

User Info: wheresatari

6 years ago#11
theres no denying 7 was pretty awesome, and im definitely not a fanboy. i prefer 9. however, the story and characters were good, the music was pretty good, the game was huge story-wise, and mini-game wise, and breeding chocobos was genius. it just needed better graphics. like i said im not a fanboy though, so youre opinion is fine with me. i wont chop your head off like most people would, lol. theres a super popular game i personally dont like, but everytime i say so, the fanboys come out of the woodwork, and rip me a new one, so ill keep it quiet this time.
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User Info: MasterViVi2

6 years ago#12
I really just feel that the story in 7 wasnt all that good. Not compared to todays games but even compared to other RPGs for that system. Some of the characters were interesting but the good ones had very little development. Materia was the only thing I really liked about the game..
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  3. is this a sequel to final fantasy 10-2?

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