things I hope get fixed.

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User Info: chrcol

6 years ago#1
1 - vigilance near useless in ff13, once you get far enough in the game you constantly get thrown about, stunned etc. with vigilance making little difference if any, so would like it to actually be effective.
2 - AI improvements.
AI is ok on rav's and com's but I feel poor on med's syn's and sab's.
Some examples.
I am attacking with ruin a magic attack and my sab's cast deprotect instead of deshell.
I am attacking an enemy whilst barely getting hit and the enemy is weak against fire, my syn casts protect instead of enfire doh!!.
Either add a system where can tell the AI what moves to prioritise etc. and even turn on/off like can in SO4. Or make it more intelligent so if it sees the battle been pure offensive it prioritises buffs that are offensive, or if it sees you taking a pounding than it casts defensive buffs.
3 - Leader dieing should be revivable.
4 - able to change leader in battle.
5 - ability to save paradgrims so dont need to set again every time party change.
6 - item drops to be improved, I would make catalog's massively bump rates to above 90% or give garuantueed drops.
7 - ability to synth debuffs onto weapons, making it fairer since the enemy can attack and debuff at same time.
8 - add an item or ability where it halves enemy ability to see you eg. you get 1 second immunity to been seen once in line of sight.
9 - open world, gran pulse style exploration.
10 - ability to watch any cut scene previously seen.
11 - some kind of battle arena.
12 - easy/med/hard level and and a way to customise individual parts of game. Have to play hard to see all cutscenes as incentive.
13 - new game+
14 - slow speed option should also slow down enemies etc. after playing the game so much I now wouldnt use such an option but it will satisfy people who find ff13 too fast paced.
15 - ability to change stuff like music/sound volume so eg. can explore gran pulse with just sound.


User Info: ketnerj

6 years ago#2
Sounds good to me, for the most part.
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User Info: wheresatari

6 years ago#3
yep, sounds good. as for auto attack, if there are a group of enemies, by all means cast fira/firaga, not just when the enemy is staggered. i dont know if it was just me, but that was annoying. whats the point of auto battle, if you have to put in your attacks anyway.
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User Info: Holystar

6 years ago#4
I pretty much agree on all points. :)

Now let's just hope SE does as well....
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User Info: goldenhero13333

6 years ago#5

*grumbles* i would just like the battle system fixed-only thing i had trouble with really- why have bosses that spam AOE attacks and not allow you to move! for a battle system that relies on position i wish you could actualy postion your characters-espcialy if you die it's automatic gameover. I mean they got it right in 12 they had bosses that spamed AOE and allowed you to use it but you could move to not only postion yourself to be able to use it effectively but also to try and minimise the attack heading your way; in this game as soon as an AOE attack is hurled your a goner cause they usaly have a debuff equipped to them as well!

despite this i am fine with ff13 it's just the battle system i dispise

User Info: Chas3Th3Dr3am

6 years ago#6
chrcol posted...

6 - item drops to be improved, I would make catalog's massively bump rates to above 90% or give garuantueed drops.

Oh my god, I thought I was the only damn one thinking Collector Catalog didnt boost my drop rate one bit.
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